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Captain’s Log – February 28th, 2018

By March 1, 2018 Captain's Log

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Well, continuing on the cleaning out and organization of my files, here are some more random Axanar goodness.  First, as many of you know, Alexander Richardson handles all of our bridge displays and also, our MSDs.  He is also one of my favorite people in the whole world, because he is just a really good guy.  Typical of the quality of person who works on Axanar.  Above is one of the displays Alexander has done.

Then Mark Payton mocked this up, which I love:

Also, if you have never read The Final Reflection, it was THE definitive look at Klingons for years.  It was blessed with a Boris Vallejo cover and it was the book that the FASA games looked to when creating their universe.  Also, there is a huge Final Reflection Easter egg in the upcoming two Axanar episodes of The Four Years War.

You can pick the book up cheap at a used book store or find it on Amazon. But it is a must-read! (and yes, that is a young Spock).


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  • Colin says:

    “The Final Reflection” was an excellent novel, the late John M. Ford’s other Trek effort, “How Much For Just The Planet?” was hysterical.

    • Jason Moon says:

      Been a while since I read HMFJTP?, but I don’t remember liking it. Still, props for being gutsy enough to try something like that.

      Maybe I need to revisit it.

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