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Captain’s Log – February 22nd, 2018

By February 26, 2018 Captain's Log

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Warhammer, Italy, costumes and my annual trip to Mecca – Part III

So the trip back to London on Friday, February 9th was uneventful.  I landed and then jumped on a train to Nottingham. As mentioned previously, Nottingham is the home of Games Workshop and Warhammer World, their flagship store/gaming venue, which is like Mecca for gamers.  It is really impressive….

And has some amazing displays…

The weekend was loads of fun, and I got to hang out with friends, many of whom are big Axanar fans.  A few gamers I didn’t even know recognized me and said hi which is always awesome and humbling. But here are some photos of me and my friends and what happened…

The Heresy30K Forum group photo. We spend all year chatting about of favorite game and then get to put a face with a name (and avatar) once a year

Mike, Stuart, Howard and me. Good friends who I drink and game with every year.

Our favorite game to drink beer and whisky over.

Another group of my gaming/drinking buddies (and Axanar fans)

One of the amazing models we get excited about building, painting and using in our games.

And probably my favorite Warhammer model of all time, is the Primarch Magnus.  The greatest psyker in the galaxy, save for his father, the Emperor of Mankind.  You see a model so beautifully painted as this and you get inspired!

Well, that was it. Two days of geekery and then off to Heathrow for the return flight. I hope you have enjoyed my sharing this trip, its Axanar connection, and the insight into another of my passions!


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