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Captain’s Log – February 15th, 2018

By February 17, 2018 Captain's Log

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Well, it has been 6 weeks since I did a Captain’s Log and a lot of that was because I am so damn busy!  Sometimes fans think I do nothing but Axanar.  In the past, that was true.  But now Axanar is something I do while doing a few other things like making a living, selling some of my Star Trek collection in order to help pay for Axanar, create a program for high school film students so they can use the studio, help friends start a new business, and buy a house in Atlanta!  Plus it is tax season and we have a new accounting firm (more on that later).

So what did we accomplish in January? Well, first and foremost, Paul Jenkins and I locked the script for the next two episodes of “The Four Years War”.  Now Prelude to Axanar was episode III (We couldn’t make it Episode IV for obvious, Star Wars related reasons!).  So when we only were going to be able to make two 15 minute episodes, the obvious thing to do was tell the story like Prelude.  Now Rob and Bill Hunt wanted to make the first 30 minutes of Axanar.  They wanted to show what Axanar could have been.  But honestly, that made no sense to me.  Fans want to see the story we were going to tell, not 30 minutes of a movie they will never see the end of.  And judging by the poll we took in the Axanar Fan Group, fans agree.  The poll was 670 to 8 in favor of doing two episodes like Prelude.

The process of revising the script with Paul was truly fantastic.  As many of you know, at our very first meeting, Paul and I spent 6 hours together and I knew we would get along famously.  I let Paul have free reign over the script, because Paul was concerned more about storytelling issues than Star Trek specific issues.  He knew that I know my Trek, and so he wanted to focus on making sure that we told the story in a voice that would be more realistic and adding emotional punch to the script.  He really focused on improving what was there.  And there wasn’t one issue that he raised that I pushed back on.  In fact when he handed me his revisions, there were only two small, Star Trek tech issues we needed to resolve.  Our first revisions meeting got us to where we were happy.

Paul Jenkins wrote the origin of Wolverine!

So now it is off to be budgeted and we have to plan filming this in both Georgia and California.  And as we have mentioned, we are going to make the weekend we film the first Axacon, which will happen at our studio!

Tomorrow, pics on the progress on the bridge!


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  • Frank Miller says:

    Alec, both you guys and Commander Cockings both anounced progress on your films on the same day. His, with a trailer. According to Jonathan’s FFF interview, he’s hoping to have it online on the 5 yr anniversary of the ending of the original kickstarter that started his film, March 18th. In case anybody didn’t know, it’s called Temporal Anamoly. Jonathan did agreat interview.

  • Sam says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the 2 fifteen minutes episodes. I would love to see what might have been. Could you adapt the 90 minute script into a fan fiction story after you’re done?

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