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Captain’s Log – Dec 8th, 2015

By December 10, 2015 Captain's Log

Fulfillment 12.7.15 copy

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 2015

While I was off in England being a game geek, Diana was in the office shipping out the secret perks from the Indiegogo!  These were perks only available to donors like the 3rd volume of These Are The Voyages, the definitive history of Star Trek or the Prelude Blu-ray.  So make sure you thank Diana and her amazing hand written notes when you get your perks!  Lots of donors will post photos of their packages on the Axanar Donor Group and Diana appreciates it!

Also, Rob was working on the Heroes shoot and showed me the first clip he put together and it was AMAZING!  We can’t wait to finish this, but you may get a holiday sneak peek.

Heroes 2 copy

Garth, Spock, McCoy and Kirk on the Enterprise

Meanwhile, the sets keep making progress.  The absolute quality of these sets is staggering!

Kharn copy

Thank you to our loyal donors for making this happen!



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  • James Galbreath says:

    Hand-written notes on all these perks?! Diana has just been elevated from Queen of Fulfillment to Empress!

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