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Captain’s Log – Dec 3rd, 2015

By December 10, 2015 Captain's Log

Prelude Art 1

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Today was another day of working out with Sophia (my trainer and stunt woman extraordinaire) and boy, does she kick my butt sometimes.  Today was a day where we didn’t lift weights, but I had to do 100 of 7 different exercises like push ups, pull ups, etc.  But I am in the best shape of my life, so happy to get my butt kicked.

Robert has been working away on a few things including learning more about how to work with Red Camera footage.  Fortunately, Axanar Digital Imaging Technician and all around technology guru Bing Baily, has been around to show Rob the ropes.

We also recently secured a huge sponsorship deal with Other World Computing, which will get Axanar about $ 20,000 in hardware that Bing needs to do his job quickly and efficiently. The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) is in charge of taking the raw footage off the memory cards the camera uses, transferring it to the hard drives and then preparing the footage so it can be edited.  It really is a critical position on the set!

Meanwhile Diana has been working on a new T-shirt for donors and it is a winner!



If you want one, keep an eye on the Axanar Donor Store.


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