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Captain’s Log – Dec 22nd, 2015

By December 26, 2015 Captain's Log

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 2015

A bit about props today.

Jarrod Hunt is the Axanar Prop Master. His job is to make all the props we need for the production.  This includes parts of the costumes that need to be cast.  Now we also have a good artist named Thomas Moore working on parts of the Klingon costumes.  But Jarrod has started with Mek’Leths and various parts of the Klingon costumes.  Jarrod and Dean have experience casting and Jarrod has learned to make professional molds that are as good as what you might see at professional prop shops.

A gaggle of Mek’leths!


Meanwhile Thomas Moore is working on Bat’Leths, and we plan on having a lot of different ones, not the same old boring one you have seen from Enterprise through Voyager.

Bat'Leth 05

I love props as many of you know, so you can be assured they will be awesome!

Alec Peters

Executive producer

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  • …my compliments, Captain! …on the continuing excellence of your crew!
    …you are marshaling a truly magnificent manifestation of star trek history! it will be glorious! =D

    you’ve got some enticing little hints here: is that a klingon communicator on the table? klingon dagger on the other side? …peeking out from under the mek’leths, with it’s nice split tip and barbed edges? 😉

    a variety of bat’leths?! AWESOME!! variant 05 looks pretty sweet! …maybe just make it look less shiny-new, and maybe wrap the handle like the mek’leths? 😉 …otherwise: it’s BAD’ASS! =D

    …maybe add an inscription, like on the side of the disruptor? add a *little bit* of ornamentation to the recessed areas? klingon emblems? 😉

    keep up the GREAT WORK, you guys!

  • …i am loving that you are varying the klingons’ armament …and hoping that this will carry over to variation in klingon uniforms as well (if u have any buff klingons maybe they could go sleeveless, etc?)

    …i know it’s not going this way so far, but i think (with all due respect to J.G.) that black dudes make the best klingons (would be cool to see a completely black klingon cast, all with klingon dreadlocks!) Tony Todd is my favorite klingon! …will we hopefully see him as some incarnation of (Captain) Kurn?? (please, please, please…) 😉


    …THAT sucks =(

    …time to renegotiate? i really hope you can work something out with CBS…

    …maybe AXANAR could sell product to CBS in exchange for licensing?

    …time to start the on-line petitions? =P


  • …maybe propose AXANAR as a fan-funded pilot to be aired on CBS in exchange for the licensing, and a fair share of merchandising? 😉

    …and if it is well-received, CBS could order more episodes, under a more normal licensed production for profit scenario?

    …anyways, seems as if CBS either wants it dead, or wants a piece …I just hope it’s the later! 😉

    …also, maybe leverage it against kurtzman’s inevitably screwing it up royally again? 😉

    #IStandWithAXANAR =D

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