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Captain’s Log – Dec 15th, 2015

By December 15, 2015 December 20th, 2015 Captain's Log

Ares Drydock

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

So, a good morning getting the Axanar Annual Report out!  I hope you all read it.  This is an expanded  and revised document (23 pages) which gives you not only all the financial information of our first two Kickstarters, but an explanation of why we spend what we do, what we spend it on, and why things cost more than we thought they would!

Annual Report

The revised 2015 Axanar Annual Report is available in the Axanar Donor’s Group on Facebook and it is in your Ares Digital Account downloads page!  By now you should be tired of me talking about it!  🙂

Jarrod has been hard at work making props:



Jarrod did some emblems for the baldric, but we didn’t like them. We are having some others made.

Meanwhile, the new 1/2500 USS Ares model is in the donor store!

Model 10.7.15


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  • hmmmm…. now that i know it’s a baldric, i’m actually warming up to it… i’m really liking the mixture of colors and textures… just too bad it covers that nice jaggedy closure on the tunic vest =P

    i always thought that this was more or less a ceremonial piece or an indicator of rank or status for the klingons… (and as such, i always thought it was too “refined” for “real” barbaric klingon warriors)

    but knowing now, that it could be functional… will it hold weapons? dagger? mek’leth? disruptor? …maybe a bat’leth on the back? (not for real, given it’s construction, of course… but for the camera) =P

    keep up the great work, you guys! =)

  • re: the klingon emblem…

    how ’bout sculpting it into the knees of the greaves? belt buckle? shoulder guards riveted to the tunic vest? (i think shoulder armor could go a long way towards a “tougher” look…) 😉

  • Devan Gill says:

    Axanar is the only Trek production that is giving me hope after seeing that ‘Beyond’ trailer. From everything I’ve seen, the passion and quality is palpable. Even though we have to wait a while, I know it’s going to be worth it.

  • John Willis says:

    So.. is there a reason why the Star warz Light Sabre has always looked like a Constitution Class Nacelle?

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