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Captain’s Log – August 26th – 27th, 2017

By August 31, 2017 October 28th, 2017 Captain's Log

Saturday & Sunday, August 26th – 27th

Well, this was the second Atlanta Volunteer Weekend and it was a smashing success!  We had about 20 volunteers this time, helping with organizing everything in the studio and building the bridge.  We all had a blast and the bridge got repaired from the wear and tear of its 3,000 mile trip across the country.

Master builder Dean Newbury

Dean Newbury flew into town early for Dragon Con, to spend 5 days, working on the bridge!  And if you don’t know Dean, he is the hardest working guy you can be around.  The bridge is his baby.  And he will do whatever to make sure it is in tip-top shape.  This time, he had a smaller crew to work with, but Scott Lytle and Dana Wagner both were super-stars, and backed up by half a dozen more awesome volunteers.

Meanwhile, studio manager Curtis Short, who has been with me since the beginning of Propworx, organized the studio and put away all the set pieces we could with the help of more amazing volunteers.  Paul and Steve busted their asses here and are a mainstay of the Atlanta team.

Storage above the office (don’t worry, it is load bearing!)

Paul moving the “Ender’s Game”consoles to storage above the office.

Curtis on the fork lift with Steve Dixon on the right.

Steve, Jess and Paul setting up the pallet shelving, which gave us more space! Dale, John and Laura look on on the left.

Meanwhile Laura and Dale organized the perk section, and every single item is now inventoried!  We are excited to be able to start shipping some items to donors shortly (specifically patches to anyone who donated for the Ultimate Patch Collection.)  Laura and Dale come all the way from Alabama to help!  And Dale is retired USAF, and used to be in charge of ICBMs!

Laura and Dale organized the perk section.

Bridge crew hard at work fixing the upper console sections.

The tops really took a beating being removed and need much love!

There was much painting done and the pilot console gets a coat of paint!

Keith Sedor is proud of his wife’s gift to him!

Overall, an amazing weekend and there are more photos coming!

THANK YOU to each and every volunteer, who are part of an amazing team!






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