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Captain’s Log – August 24th, 2015

By August 26, 2015 Captain's Log

fan mail

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Today was another day recovering at home, but feeling much better.  I tell you one thing that always makes me feel better, it is getting fan mail.  Above is the first piece of fan mail I have ever gotten.  I have to tell you it is quite humbling to have someone say such nice things about me and Axanar.  All I can say to ALL of you who have expressed your love of Axanar is THANK YOU.

And here is one of the great Facebook posts we often see.

Sarah Gurnett
I love you people!!!!!


Most of the day was spent reconciling all of the finances for Axanar.  It is a huge amount of work, but is important to know where every dollar is going.  And the process is really helping me shape the way we move forward.  More on that later…


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  • BSL says:

    Hehe, glad to see I’m not the only one who would consider doing something like that.
    But I’d usually think you would be too busy to respond. So very nice to see you take the time to respond.

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