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Captain’s Log – August 19th – 20th, 2017

By August 21, 2017 Captain's Log

Saturday & Sunday, August 19-20th, 2017

This weekend was a nice relaxing one after the week of getting settled in Atlanta.  So what happened in the world of Axanar?  Well, not much actually.  But let’s look at a few other things:

Last week I posted about the Star Trek The Next Generation porn parody that was actually a pretty good fan film when you took out the porn!  No surprise it was the most read article in two months!

Meanwhile the debate rages about what is the abbreviation for Star Trek Discovery?  Is it DSC as CBS wants you to use, or is it STD for Star Trek Discovery, which many fans have used, some as a form of derision, or is it something else?

Here is my take:

The problem is DSC makes no sense.  It is not an abbreviation of the title as in The Original Series (TOS) or The Next Generation (TNG) or Deep Space Nine (DS9). Nor is it the first three letters as in Voyager (VOY) or Enterprise (ENT) neither of which are actually referred to in conversation by their abbreviations as you just say the one word name.

So under this convention it is not DSC, but DIS.  Now CBS wants you to believe that Voyager was always VGR.

Yeah, NO ONE calls Voyager VGR.  I have never seen that abbreviation used. BTW, got a complaint about Star Trek?  That is the guy to Tweet at.

So back to the case at hand.  DSC conforms to no previous naming convention.  DIS is the abbreviation that conforms with previous convention.  CBS wants you to use the abbreviation DSC, but you know what?  FANS created the abbreviation TOS and FANS will decide what to call Discovery. CBS is the current IP holder.  Big deal.  abbreviations aren’t IP, they are short cuts created by society.  And CBS certainly has no rights over what we choose to think.

And Captain Kirk piped in.

And that gets to the main point.  Why do we need an abbreviation for a one word title?  We call them Voyager or Enterprise.  Call this Discovery.  And besides, Captain Kirk said so!



Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Jason Moon says:

    One of the First-Worldiest of First-World problems. 🙂

  • Philip Davis says:

    More specifically, DSC is an initialism. DSC & DIS are both abbreviations, but one is an initialism and one is an acronym.

    But yes, Captain(!), I agree, we should be referring to it as ST:DIS, DIS or Discovery, NOT STD!

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