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Captain’s Log – August 14th, 2017

By August 18, 2017 Captain's Log

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Open Source Axanar is a concept that all fans should be able to create Axanar, its stories, ships and characters, and build the Axanar universe.  And here is a great example!

Thingverse is a website that houses digital designs for just about everything, that you can download and print on a 3D printer!  And someone found a USS Ares model!

Now, we are very happy that someone is sharing this and if you have a 3D printer and some skill, you can print out your own USS Ares!  You can find the file here.

Axanar belongs to all fans.  And while CBS tried to kill it, the legal settlement we entered into means that won’t happen.  With Star Trek Discovery, CBS has created a vision of the year 2255 (the year Prelude took place and the year Star Trek Discovery is set) and the war with the Klingons.  And you should watch Discovery as we all will.  But a lot of Star Trek fans already prefer Axanar because it is true to the Prime Timeline and the spirit of Star Trek.  Plus, Axanar looks like it took place 20 years before TOS, and is not a re-imagining like Discovery.  We are Star Trek fans making Star Trek for other fans.  And we want everyone to share in that, whether you want to create more Axanar or just watch what we produce!

And if you have a 3D printer, download this file and make an Ares and send us photos!



Join the discussion 9 Comments

  • Rick Newton says:

    Cool! Do you know the scale (overall size) of the 3D printed Ares?

  • Scott Filgo says:

    This is very exciting. She can finally join my fleet. That’s what fans want.

    Even fans who love the look ofDiscovery. IDIC my friends.

  • Brian L says:

    Still have a 1:1000 scale version to build

  • Sticks Ara says:

    Awesome!! Can someone make one for me?? 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    This is great! Will you do this for all the pewter models you’ve been selling? I’m especially interested in STL files for the shuttlecrafts!

  • Keshav says:

    Hey Alec! How’s the progress on the film coming along? Haven’t heard about that in ages (aside from the change in studios).

  • Steve Nichols says:

    the “Axanar-verse” Love it! Roddenberry/Steinbach/Okuda timeline with a dash of FASA, as it should be. I want to print the Ares’ “sister” ship, the “USS Odin”, NCC-1651. Any chance of getting her canonized? I imagine Andorians and Tellarites would also have mythic war gods with ship naming potential.

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