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Captain’s Log – April 6, 2015

By April 7, 2015 Captain's Log

Wondercon is a wrap!  It was a fantastic 3 days.  We had hundreds and hundreds of people stop by the booth.  And even found new volunteers who were Hollywood pros stop by and offer their services.  I moderated the Battlestar Galactica panel for Richard Hatch and Rob Burnett was on 3 panels Friday.  Christian and Rob were on Starship Smackdown, a very popular panel, Sunday, and there was a lot of food and drinking at night.

When not at the booth, cons are really about socializing with friends for most of us.  I didn’t buy much (some Legos for the god sons), especially because the classic BSG POP figures aren’t out yet!

Our best purchase was the carpet and padding with bought for the booth.  When you spend all weekend standing on a concrete floor it is killer on yoru back, and the carpet and padding, which we now own, was the best $ 200 spent!.  We also sold a bunch of T-shirts and such and just had a great time.

Thanks to Norman Lau, our volunteer extraordinaire as well as Derek Allen, David Taylor and Carla Maria, all stalwart supports and volunteers!  Thanks to Bill Watters for spearheading our booth, Jarrod Hunt for carting it all back and forth and of course to Diana Kingsbury, Queen of all Axanar, who put the booth together.

IMG_7006 small

Guinan and Diana!

IMG_7013 small

Breaking down at the end of the con!

IMG_7012 small

Jarrod and Derek roll up the carpet!


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  • Norman C. Lao says:

    AXANAR is powered by the greatest energy source imaginable…the PASSION of FANS!

    Great SHOW…Great BOOTH…Great PEOPLE!!!

    If I could find a way to clone myself to help out more…I would!

    Personally – I absolutely loved talking to the fans. THANK YOU to all the fans and donors who stopped by to support the booth. Your support and dedication means the world to the cause and to helping further the goals of the project.

    Peace and Long Life!


    • Paul Janssens says:

      Norman, you and your posts are as much an energy source to us (at least to me 😉 ), as us fans are to you !
      Thanks for all your work !
      Wish I could have been there !

      Trek on !

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