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Captain’s Log – April 30, 2015

By May 1, 2015 Captain's Log

Diana next to the screen used Captain America Costume at the Arclight lobby

Today was a bit hectic, as Diana and I were going to go see a double feature of Avengers and Avengers 2 tonight with the gang: Richard Hatch, Charlie Lauzirika and Cliff Stephenson (who is the team Ticket Master as he always gets a block of tickets for the first night of movies at the famous Cinerama Dome).  After my am workout with trainer and stunt woman extraordinaire, Sophia Crawford (she doubled the pink Power Ranger for years), I was off to the office to meet 3 new team additions, Sarah Char, who is a VFX coordinator, and Andy Borses and Brian Hennesey, two cameramen/editors who both have significant industry experience.  While it was too early to talk details with Sarah, Andy and Brian are coming Sunday to meet with Rob Burnett, myself and Justin Zagri, who filmed the first episode of the Axanar Production Log.  Together we have a formidable videography team, which is what we will need for Kickstarter # 3, which will be launch in June for the production costs of Axanar (the last Kickstarter was predominantly for Studio costs, sets and pre-production).

What is different this time is we will have daily video updates this time, and a weekly live webcast (through Ustream most likely) where we will announce live, a new cast member each week.  So we need a good group of cameramen for this venture.


Oh, and the head of the Entertainment category for Kickstarter and I had a call yesterday and Kickstarter is making us a featured Kickstarter!  That means they support us with both a thorough review of our Kickstarter before we launch (Which they said we really don’t need that much as we are so good at it!) as well as serious marketing muscle.  They are extremely impressed with our previous Kickstarter efforts and are excited about doing what they can to help us.  And they feel a goal of $1 million or so is entirely reasonable!  This will be a huge boost for us.

More on the next Kickstarter, which will absolutely be our best and have some amazing perks, soon  But start saving your $!


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  • Norman C. Lao says:

    Diana looks Star-Spangled Awesome!!! Also GREAT news about the upcoming next Kickstarter for AXANAR. Just think how far the project has come through regular Kickstarter channels. NOW – it looks like the project will achieve TRANSWARP with the marketing power behind being a featured project. FAN-FRAKKING-TASTIC!!!

    • Mark Sulzbach says:

      Miss America she is.

      On the next Kickstarter try using the Star Citizen model. If certain stretch goals are met, every one at a particular level will get a new perk. This causes everyone to tell their friends more.

      Mark Sulzbach

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