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Captain’s Log – April 28, 2015

By April 29, 2015 Captain's Log

Control Room

Big set meeting today.  With the script in and semi-locked, we had a meeting today to determine what sets we really didn’t need, what sets would be virtual, what sets would be built and which would be permanent.   Line producer Mike DeMeritt handed out a set script breakdown and we all discussed our needs and what we think we can afford based on the upcoming Kickstarter.

The bridge is clearly our main set and well under way.  But sets cost money and we have to decide what is permanent and what we want to spend YOUR money on!  After all, none of this happens without you guys donating.

The consoles are next up on the bridge and Dean is working with the local wood shop that has a CNC machine we need to cut out the panels.  Dean is rather excited about this build!

Ares DIgital

Big news Thursday as Ares Digital, our own digital download system, will launch and and enable Prelude to Axanar donors to get their final digital perks!  Both the digital illustrated script and the Prelude movie digital download will be available!

Terry McIntosh, our tech guru, has created a system that will make it lots easier for donors to get the digital perks they donated for.  We are pretty excited.



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