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Captain’s Log – April 26, 2015

By April 27, 2015 April 29th, 2015 Captain's Log


A memorable day today as Prelude to Axanar won 6 of 9 awards at the inaugural Independent Star Trek Fan Film Festival.  Treklanta is a tiny Star Trek convention, but it was important for Team Axanar to be there because of our position in the community as a leader.  We take that seriously, and it was worth the time and money we spent to set up a booth and show the flag.  Plus we got to speak to a bunch of donors who were thrilled to see us and told us how amazed they were by Prelude.  It is amazing how many people tell us how they made their non-Star Trek fan friends watch Prelude and how much those people were impressed and loved it.  We also got to introduce a lot of new fans to Axanar, and came away with new donors.

Of course then the awards started and Axanar won the first four!  It was turning into the “Axy-Awards” according to Master of Ceremonies Brian Holloway!  After all was said and done we had won 6 of the 9 awards and 6 of 7 we were actually eligible for.

Short FilmDirector IMG_7271 Soundtrack VFXProoduction Design

Our stack sitting next to me at the awards:



Congrats to Star Trek: New Voyages Clay Sayre for winning for Best Supporting actor for his portrayal of Kor in “Mind Sifter”.

A great weekend event and Team Axanar is very grateful to everyone involved!  And thank you donors for making this possible!


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  • Jason spriggs says:

    RIGHT ON. GUYS!!!!
    Read about this yesterday. Reinforcing the Axanar legion and continuing the human adventure. Both in front and behind the cameras….

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Treklanta! I had a great time helping out with the booth and seeing you guys again. To misquote Ramirez, “In the year I’ve been aware of this project, I am most proud to see how far Team Axanar has come!”.

  • Loken says:

    Was that Ramirez or Slater?


  • Clay Sayre says:

    Thank you Alec for the shout-out! And many congratulations to the cast and crew of Axanar, whose incredible work is indeed a marvel!

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