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Captain’s Log – April 14th, 2016

By April 16, 2016 Captain's Log

David Gerrold Video

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Yesterday we had David Gerrold up to record a video.  You can see it here.

We also had a big meeting with a Hollywood production that could be a big deal for Axanar and our studio.  Can’t talk about it now, but it is INCREDIBLY cool.

Ares Wood

Meanwhile, the Ares wood model is flying off the shelves!  And creator Thomas Moore says he will not only be doing all the Axanar ships eventually, but the D-6 is next!



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  • Michael Miyabara-McCaskey says:

    As a long term Star Trek and Babylon5 fan, it was nice to hear the interview. And congrats on whatever your “INCREDIBLY cool.” news is you can’t talk about! Can’t wait to see what you and your Studio produce next!

    • Ed Darlow says:

      What Ares studios will produce next? What have they produced in 4 years and 1.5 million dollars besides a 20 minute short?

      [Editor’s Note: Not so fast there, Ed. Ares Studio (the soundstage) doesn’t produce anything. Axanar Productions is the studio that produced PRELUDE TO AXANAR in 2014 – which is when we started. The cost of PRELUDE TO AXANAR was somewhere around $125,000 – most of which was raised through crowdfunding efforts.

      Axanar Productions then went on to have two more crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds to build out the warehouse that now holds Ares Studio and begin the pre-production and production processes for the AXANAR feature film. The total of those two efforts came to just over $1.1 million.

      So your claims that Ares Studio produced PRELUDE TO AXANAR (the 20-minute short), over a 4-year period (2014 – 2016 is two years), with $1.5 million (off by $400,000, more or less), are ALL wrong.

      Please be more accurate to help keep the conversations on this board focused and moving forward or they won’t be posted. You can refer to the “Rules of the Road” post for further details.


  • Matt in Edmonton says:

    In regards to the third party in the lawsuit, David is right. What we, the fans, want is important. And from what we have seen Alec Peters and Axanar are giving us exactly what we want: Trek that is Trek. The JJ’verse is crap. Sorry, as a long time fan its not the Trek I know, and it never will be. Axanar on the other hand looks amazing; prelude gave me goosebumps. It gave me that feeling of experiencing that true brand of ST. And if it is the fan base that is funding and producing the Trek that we demand and love, well so be it. The powers that be have a chance to regain our trust with this new series, but until then, let Axanar be free.

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