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Captain’s Log – April 11, 2015

By April 11, 2015 Captain's Log

The Kickstarter Summit is this weekend!  As we work towards our next Kickstarter, which will be for the actual production costs of making the feature Axanar, we decided to have an Axanar Kickstarter Summit.  Mike Bawden, one of our two PR Directors, flew out here from Iowa for the weekend and we just had 12 people on our first Axanar Kickstarter conference call.

There is a lot of brain power working on this Kickstarter, and we are working towards a June Kickstarter, so start saving your money.  There will be lots of new perks and certainly more patches.

Plus we will have a Day One goal that is pretty high, but we think we can get to it.  And there will be a special “Starfleet Rapid Response Force” patch for all Day One donors!

We are hoping to have a Launch event at Houston Johnson Space Center with fan launch events all over the country.

Oh yeah, bridge update…


Also, we are sending Dean Newberry, our construction foreman to NY to visit the Star Trek: New Voyages sets and hang with James Cawley, the # 1 expert on Star Trek sets in the country.  Dean will check out the best TOS set recreation in the world, and pick James’ brain.  This will help us build our sets to exacting specifications.  Our bridge won’t be quite as accurate as James’, but it will convert from an Ares to an Enterprise bridge.

That’s it for now.  Off to do some podcasts!

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  • Paul Janssens says:

    Multifunctional bridge design : SUPER !!!
    I think many people will appreciate the broad useability of it, even if it’s not 100% in line with the original Enterprise bridge. This IS Axanar after all …

    • Brian says:

      Well, it would be logical after all. This is a common practice in set construction. When watching all kinds of Sci-Fi shows over and over again, you slightly get an eye for the “recycled” sets just with so much different decoration, lighting and camera angles. It is amazing what you can achieve with those kind of details.

  • matt says:

    More money ????? hmmm

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