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Calling All $10-$30 AXANAR Kickstarter Donors!

Greetings gang!

If you were a donor to the AXANAR Kickstarter (and you’re on Facebook), you’ve probably seen a boatload of lovely pictures from other donors who’ve received patches from the AXANAR KS campaign. (As for the accompanying comments about those patches, well… let’s just say that words like “Awesome!”, “Amazing!”, and “Outstanding!” are generally involved. 🙂 )


Oooh, aaah, look at all the pretty…

So, you might be asking, what exactly did those happy campers do to get their (awesome, amazing, & outstanding!) patches?

  • They were donors to the AXANAR Kickstarter, at a level of $35 or more. (That meant they donated at a level that included a patch–the First Fleet patch came in at the $35+ levels–plus they received the two “Stretch Goal” patches, Second Fleet and Third Fleet, for helping us hit certain goals in the campaign.)
  • They logged into their accounts in Ares Digital 2.0 (our digital database-&-digital-perks-delivery system) once we had it ready to roll, and updated those accounts with current, complete shipping information (full name, full address–the details your mail carrier, and all the mail carriers in between, need to have in order to successfully get goodies from here to you).

And that’s it! (Yep, really.)

But–and here’s the bit I told you in a previous blog would be coming a little later–it’s now time for the other AXANAR Kickstarter donors (meaning those who donated at “basic donation” or “digital-only” levels of $10-$30) to have the opportunity to get some cool AXANAR patches, too. [Please note that this is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. If you donated from $10-$30 and are happy with digital-only rewards, you need do nothing else; you’re good to go. ]

However, if you’re a $10-$30 AXANAR KS donor who has been jealously eyeballing those pictures of patches and wishing that you could get your hands on some, too, we’re now opening that up to you, too (just like we said right in the Kickstarter that we’d do!). I’m also opening up a second option (so you can get even more than originally offered)… 🙂

Here’s how:

  • Send $5 to cover shipping/handling/packaging via Paypal (using the sales@axanarproductions.com Paypal address) to receive the two “Stretch Goal” patches (Second Fleet and Third Fleet), with the words “AXANAR Kickstarter Stretch Goal Patches” in the message section; OR
  • Send $15 to cover shipping/handling/packaging via Paypal (again, using the sales@axanarproductions.com address) to receive ALL THREE patches (the First Fleet patch that was part of the $35-donation level, AND the two “Stretch Goals”, the Second and Third Fleet patches), along with the message “AXANAR Kickstarter Stretch Goal Patches”. [This wasn’t part of the Kickstarter; I’m just adding this as another fun option for you guys… 🙂 ]
  • Make sure you’ve logged into your AD2.0 account here and provided your current/correct shipping address (as described earlier).


Okay, so let’s go over the high points one more time:
AXANAR Kickstarter donors who donated between $10-$30 are now eligible to receive patches from the campaign–but only if they choose to!–by sending the s/h fees in either the amount that gets them the two promised “Stretch Goal” patches OR at the amount that gets them the “Stretch Goal” patches AND the donation-level patch. Include a memo in the Paypal payment, that it’s for the “Axanar Kickstarter Stretch Goal Patches”. Lastly, log into your AD2.0 account and make sure your shipping info is updated/correct.


What about all of you AXANAR Indiegogo donors? We’re waiting on the rest of those patches to come in before shipping can commence. Once they do, I’ll let you know…

Over and out, everyone!

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  • Rick Newton says:

    Okay… so the web site is changed… but, now the password I set in September 2016 is no longer considered valid. And, when I reset, the new password is considered incorrect as well!

    I used to have no issue with access… so, next steps? (I will be contacting Diana for those who will be making that suggestion… Thx.)


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