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Axanart Haters get Banned from Trekkers Against Bullying

By February 12, 2023 Captain's Log

The pathological bullies at the Axanar Hate group seemed particularly upset recently when Axanar promoted “Trekkers Against Bullying” an advocacy group whose sole purpose is to promote conversation, and call out behavior that has no place in Star Trek fandom.  The founder of Trekkers Against Bullying, Rex Wood, is as good and decent a human being as there is, and he only desire is to help eliminate bullying in fandom.

Of course as soon as I promoted Trekkers Against Bullying, the sociopathic haters immediately attacked Rex and the group!  Starting with YouTuber Matt Miller who Tweeted his attacks on the group, the usual suspects of toxic bullies, lead by convicted stalker Shawn O’Halloran (who had a protective order issued against him by Georgia Superior Court after he assaulted Alec Peters) and sociopath Justin Burton (who is constantly harassing and bullying Alec on a daily basis), started attacking Rex and the group.

These psychopaths simply don’t get that they are bullying a group that is dedicated to stopping bullying! The total lack of awareness of their own bad behavior is truly shocking.  The admins at TAB have banned every one of the haters attempting to join the group.  The admins also have asked for proof of the claims the haters make and they are unable to provide any proof of any one of their claims.  And because of this, the haters are upset.  The are like Donald Trump claiming the election was rigged and yet unable to prove that there is any fraud whatsoever.  At some point you need to stop with the lies as you are only proving how disturbed you are.

Today Alec left the Trekkers Against Bullying group to protect the people there.  While Alec continues to be a big supporter of the mission of TAB, and remains great friends with Founder Rex Wood and Admin John Tufarella, Alec didn’t want the members of TAB who go to that Facebook group for a safe space, to be harassed and bullied by the Axamonitor haters.

Some times you just wonder why these people are Star Trek fans when they don’t understand the most basic concepts of Star Trek.

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