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Axanar’s Announces New Director of Fulfillment

Natalie with JG Hertzler (right), at the Miss. Klingon Empire Pageant

Last month Axanar appointed a new Director of Fulfillment, Natalie Armstrong Gill (no relation to John Gill!)   Natalie will be working with Diana Kingsbury, who remains Director of Donor Relations and Alec to fulfill all the perks over the next year or so as we complete the next two episodes of The Four Years War to follow up Preude to Axanar and complete the Axanar story and produce the Blu-ray you are all waiting for!

Since moving to Atlanta, we really needed someone who can work with Diana, fulfilling everything that is owed from the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.  Since the perks we do have are now in Atlanta, and everything new we produce will be housed and shipped from OWC Studios here, it makes sense to have someone local who can drive this process and organize volunteers to help.  Natalie has a lot of experience in this area and we are excited to have her on board.  Plus she is a crazy Star Trek fan and amazing cosplayer!

As to her new role, Natalie said….

“I’m terribly excited to bring my skills to Axanar.  I love setting up systems and building spreadsheets!  I can be very analytical but, I am super creative.  My hopes is this will secure me a very active role in other parts of the production as well. I’m thrilled to get to join the Axanar family and am looking forward to meeting more of you!”

You can read Natalie’s entire interview here.

So stay tuned to the fulfillment blog for more info as we start to send out perks and such.  We think you will all be pleased with the plan and we are working on the Indiegogo patches now.


Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Awesome new patches!

  • Juan C Walls says:

    I hope no ship in your story was given the registry numbers NCC-1031 or NCC-1227 ;-D
    It is funny that the USS Shenzhou, a ship that looks in style closer to the NX-01 era has a higher registry number than the much newer USS Discovery.

  • When I got to Captain rank on STO I named my first Galaxy class Queen Anne and gave it the registry NCC-1614. I was just surprised to see that the ship badges you posted had 1600 registries as well, especially considering that my RP side imagined that Queen Anne was a legacy designation from the early TOS era just like Enterprise was……

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