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Axanar VFX Planning Begins

This month, Mark Edward Lewis and I started planning the VFX that will go into the next two episodes of Axanar.  While I am planning the big 3-day Los Angeles shoot, Mark and I will simultaneously be working on the VFX with the team that will be executing the amazing visuals Axanar fans have come to expect.

Recently Mark started with a review of the script and where VFX were indicated.  As the editor, Mark is a big believer in “Post begins in pre.”, meaning the post-production process starts in the pre-production planning.  So Mark made notations in the script, and then passed that on to Alec.  Part of this process is seeing what we have already have from the efforts of the VFX team for the feature film, and noting what will work in he next two episodes.  We then come up with a shot list of what we need.

Now, because Mark is also co-director, and the director in charge of visuals, he and I will discuss those shots, agree on a list of must haves, and then work with the VFX team, who will bring their artistic vision and technical prowess to the table.  By working on the VFX shots now, we hope to have all the assets, both live action and VFX, ready to roll for the editing process.  Once Mark puts together a rough assembly of the edit, the VFX team charged with the backgrounds and compositing, will go to work on the green screen live action.

So the ship is moving, and we have multiple oars in the water.  More to come in a video update next week.


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