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Axanar Stalker Shawn O’Halloran Loses in Court Again

By March 16, 2022 January 16th, 2024 Axanar Legal Watch, Captain's Log

Axanar Stalker Shawn O’Halloran was dealt another blow by Georgia’s court system yesterday as Atlanta Municipal Court dismissed the municipal citation issued against Alec Peters when Shawn assaulted Alec at Dragon Con last year.

Dismissal on evidentiary grounds means there was no evidence that justified bringing the charge in the first place.  It is better than an “acquittal” as it doesn’t even let the charge get to a judge.  It means “No one should have brought this charge in the first place”.

Shawn had flown in for Dragon Con last September, in order to create an incident with Alec Peters that he hoped to film, having admitted thief Dean Newbury (who admitted stealing from Alec when he worked for him) film the whole confrontation. This worked out in Alec’s favor, as every person with any legal experience who has seen the video has found it clearly shows Shawn assaulting and then battering Alec.  However, Shawn had planted “witnesses” to tell the cops what Shawn wanted him to say, and Shawn was whining about his fingers being hurt, (when Alec swatted Shawn’s phone away when Shawn stuck it in his face) and demanded to have a paramedic look at them. Shawn’s whole act was to cause problems for Alec who Shawn had been stalking for 6 years.  It wound up backfiring.

While Shawn convinced one of the two police officers to cite Alec for “Disorderly Conduct” (basically the equivalent of a traffic ticket), the officer admitted he did it to shut Shawn up, as Shawn was throwing a fit.  The other police officer told Alec he was entirely justified in swatting the phone away when Shawn stuck it in his face.  Yesterday, the Atlanta Solicitor took one look at the Protective order again st Shawn and dismissed the case for lack of evidence.


Last year, on October 5th, 2021, a Georgia Superior Court judge found Shawn O’Halloran had stalked Axanar creator Alec Peters, and issued a Protective Order, labeling Shawn a stalker and prohibiting Shawn from any type of contact with Alec Peters.

Shawn has consistently violated this protective order, continuing to stalk and harass Alec online through the “Axamonitor” hate group on Facebook.

Protective Order for Stalking against Shawn O’Halloran

Shawn is prohibited from all contact with Alec and the Protective Order requires him to stay 500 yards away from Alec.  This order is applicable anywhere in the United States.`

Georgia State Law 16-5-90 prohibits Shawn from contacting Alec in any way, including via computer networks, and also bars him from going through a third party to harass Alec. Even though Shawn has not been convicted under 16-5-90, the Protective Order clearly states that any violation of the PO automatically elevates a further stalking incident to aggravated stalking, which is a felony under 16-5-91, punishable by a minimum of one year in prison, up to ten years, and up to a $10,000 fine. The distinction is that the first offense is only a misdemeanor if convicted. Even though he wasn’t formally charged, the judge’s adjudication that he did violate 16-5-90 knowingly and willfully eliminates Shawn’s one “freebie misdemeanor” stalking and makes ANY further stalking he does a potential felony conviction.


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