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Axanar Shoot # 2 a HUGE Success!

Article by Alec Peters, photos by Brian Bates

Axanar had it’s second of three planned shoots this past weekend and it was a HUGE success!  Not only did we shoot one full day on the newly refurbished bridge set (which looked AMAZING), but we shot 4 actor Interviews for the next two episodes of The Four Years War documentary, of which Prelude to Axanar is episode III (no, we never did episode 1 & 2).

This was the second shoot with the new Axanar team of directors Ted Brunetti and Mark Edward Lewis and Director of photography Geoff Fagien.  In addition, Gaffer Jim Ross, DIT (Digital Ingest Technician) Jamie Lucerno and Sound man Barry Rathbun all returned from the highly successful November 2021 shoot.


The plan to finish Axanar is simple.  3 shoots, two in Atlanta, and one in LA.  17  characters in all.  This will give us the 30 minutes we need to finish the two 15 minute episodes we are allowed under our settlement agreement with CBS/Paramount (according to the Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines).

So, after two shoots, we have 10 / 17 characters in the can! (That is almost 60%).  We have also reduced the LA shoot to 2 days from 3.  We will get 6 characters there and then finish up with a one day shoot in Atlanta for Garth.

So if all goes well, we will be able to release Axanar in the late Fall.


Fan Film Factor‘s Jonathan Lane spent a lot of time working on an article and talking to all parties and getting quotes, so I am going to post his article here tomorrow, and you can all read it and get the low down!

And now for some photos:

Alec Peters as Garth and Rob Hayes as Xander Deville.

Vince Canlas as Commander Kenji Tanaka

Haley Leary as Tara Wagner

Adrienne Wilkinson as Lt. Commander Corax

Rob Hayes as Pilot Xander Deville

Director Ted Brunetti

Robert Pralgo as Commodore Robert April

First AD Ken Merritt and Director Mark Edward Lewis

The crew of the USS Ares

The Crew who shot the bridge scene on Friday.


Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Edward J Cox Jr says:

    Looks like every one is pleased and happy. Good to see the progress and knowing Axanar may finish this fall. Been waiting a long time to see this.
    Keep at it and thanks to the lot of you for your dedication and perseverance to get this project close to completion.

  • RONALD D. HEARN says:

    Sounds awsome looks fun to have done wish I was part of it directly 😀 hang in there the finish will come along 😀!!! Thanks. Garth um Alex 😉

  • Claude Francis Dozière says:

    We are so happy Angela and me to be part of Axanar project. To redesign and making “The Cage era” tunics was
    a big challenge, we try to give it a modern look. We are happy for the result. Is a work team.

  • Paul Clinton says:

    I am so happy for all of you. I look with unbounded anticipation to seeing the results in coming months.

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