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Axanar Script Locked!

Paul says “Make it so!”

Well, I can finally report that the Axanar script was locked last month!  Paul Jenkins, legendary comic and game producer (He wrote the origin of Wolverine!) made his revisions to the script and we consider the script “locked”.  Now what does that mean?  Well, in Hollywood terms, that means there will be no additional scenes, cast or sets added to the script.  Dialogue can and always does change, but the script is basically set.

Now it goes to budgeting, and then we will as you, our loyal fans, for helping making the two 15 minute episodes.  And let me tell you, they will be better than Prelude!  We shared the script with a small group of insiders, and the feedback was fantastic. Keith Sedor, Axanar Podcast co-host, had this to say about the script:

“Gene Roddenberry always looked to the future… to what’s next.  But, if he was to write the great prequel story to The Original Series, it would be ‘Axanar’.  THIS… is the very purest essence of Star Trek.  

“The script for parts IV & V of ‘The Four Years War’ far surpasses the original masterwork of Prelude to Axanar, and remains true to Gene’s utopian vision for humanity. Plus we get to see some characters we really want to see!”

So stay tuned as we post more information about the upcoming shoot and the opportunity for every fan to be part of a fun weekend event that will happen with the shoot.


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  • scott says:

    Can’t wait 2 see the final product. Will these go beyond the 2 15 min episode
    That u r producing. I hope so.

  • Bradley says:

    Still with you all on this amazing journey.
    It’s been a crazy run but I’m happy to be a part of it.

  • Ed says:

    I wait with baited breath.

  • Bob flatters says:

    Can’t wait

  • Michael Rose says:

    I say screw them and make a full movie…..I want to see this more than I did Descovery

  • James Galbreath says:

    Great news! Looking forward to following the next phases of the process, and of course, to the finished video! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Jon Tessler says:

    “But…but…Axanar will never get made”…

    A thousand detractors cried out in one voice as their lives were “snuffed out”. Lol

  • KURT Paztelt says:


  • Scott Voigt says:

    Yes, the script was everything I had hoped for in the shortened version. It made my heart hurt when I thought what that script could have looked like as a full length feature.

  • Chris Butcher says:

    The is AWESOME news! I want to help move Axanar forward this year. I truly cannot wait to see how things unfold. Congratulations on a locked script!

  • Joshua Ellis says:

    Thank you for hanging-in, and the perseverance. We’ve waited (and will happily continue to wait) for the promise of the Axanar story…in SPITE of CBS/Paramount’s short-sighted efforts…to prevent this story and medium of celebrating the best aspects of Star Trek. LLAP!

  • Paul Costello says:

    Eagerly awaiting axanar. To all the detractors who abused us during this time, all I can say is pffffffttttt!!!
    Congratulations for having the courage to make this happen!!!

  • Good to know this…!!
    I re-watched Prelude days ago and I hadn’t seen it since long before this year began… Long before the new Trek series go on air…! And it stands phenomenally fantastic…!!
    There’s no comparison but… if you do… AXANAR wins in everything one could compare with anything else…!! The story is appealing, the sets are a master-craft of love, the uniforms seem “belonging”, the effects are a primor… all in all it’s a huge (yet shortened now…) message to many “creative minds” out there, and I’m sure it will be a spectacular homage to Star Trek…!!
    I’m eagerly waiting…!

  • Everett Alexander says:

    I watched the Discovery pilot and then decided I was done with it. Klingons looking like Remans was my line in the sand. Also, really, because of how Paramount disrespected the fans regarding the so-called settlement was the last straw. Looking forward to seeing Axanar!

  • Jerry Olson says:

    A Trek fan since 68. Never perfect, but always great, each series and movie contributed something worthy. Until Discovery. Enduring 5 hours, seeing people actually like it, I thought Trek had sadly died. Two minutes of your work restored my hope. By the end I was yelling, THAT’S Star Trek, and people still get it! Well done!

  • Jason Moon says:

    This is Axanar. NEVER say ‘locked script”! 🙂

  • Mark Mazz says:

    My wonderful 14 year old, idealistic daughter had this to say about Prelude to Axanar… I liked it better than the Discovery stuff. It made more sense, and it had action!

    So, we’re eager to see what’s next!

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