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Axanar Production Log # 5 is Live!

By December 7, 2018 April 22nd, 2019 Captain's Log

Axanar Production Logs are back!

What used to be a way for us to chat about all things Axanar, is now a continuing series that will follow the progress of Axanar, take a look at what is happening at the Studio (a separate legal entity that houses the sets Axanar built and facilitates and promotes student film making education in Georgia).

Today we follow up on our Facebook Live video from last week that got over 25,000 views!



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  • Roger Robertson says:

    Alec, you seem to have quite a talented crew working on the set. Kudos to them & their individual talents !! I do have a question for you though, I know you’ll have to have other ‘shots’ besides just the bridge, so have you located some nearby locales to shoot them at ? BTW, it’s looking quite realistic ! So, Thanks for your ongoing logs, they’re keeping us well informed & up to date ! I/we appreciate all you & your crews are doing. So, all I can say is …. Cool Beans, Cap’n !

  • Mark Mazz says:

    Hey Alec,

    This is splendid! Really a fine production, and just exciting news!

    —mark mazz

  • Scott Gavin says:

    Well, when you compare this with the wrinkled paper upper “monitors” on TOS bridge, this is quite the improvement! Good job, guys!

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