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Axanar Production Has Begun!

Hi, folks! I’m Bill Hunt from The Digital Bits.com – also a script consultant on Axanar – and I’ll be guest blogging for today’s shoot as Alec and the rest of the gang are busy prepping for the start of filming!

IMG_7607 copy

At long last, it’s Production Day One here at Ares Studios! Our time call was 7 AM and now at 8:45 our thirty-odd person crew is hard at work. Green screens are going up, light stands are being assembled, dolly track is getting laid down, and the cameras are up and running for testing.

Today’s shoot is actually out in the parking lot, under the full sun – or at least it will be under the full sun eventually. As of right now we’ve got a pretty good SoCal marine layer that’s waiting to burn off. The reason today’s shoot is outside is that our location is an exterior scene on an “unnamed alien planet.” Of course, we here at Ares Studios know exactly what planet we’re on, and what race our characters are, but that’s yet to be revealed to all of you!

N1A2322 copy

We have two actors for today’s shoot, one male and one female. One is a character that should be quite familiar to Star Trek fans, and the other is a brand new character making her debuting in Axanar. Our actors are sitting in their make-up chairs as we speak, with teams of artists working to apply wigs and… well, various appliances that can’t yet be revealed!

Executive Producer Alec Peters is keeping things running along smoothly with the help of Line Producer April Eden and her team. Director Rob Burnett – wearing his trusty Free Enterprise baseball cap – is busy conferring with DP Milton Santiago (who was DP on Prelude). The coffee’s flowing, as it should be, and we’ve got a little Oscar Peterson music playing to keep our talent entertained. Everything is looking good so far! With a little luck, we should begin shooting around 10 AM, provided the clouds cooperate.


And man, is that green screen really, really GREEN.

Back with more later. Stay tuned…

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  • Eric says:

    I can think of no one better to do the blogging today than you Bill! 🙂

  • Reece Watkins says:

    Thanks, Bill! Keep us posted!

  • Mark says:

    I´m so hyped just for this one scene, how is that even possible?
    Greetings from Germany 😉

  • Steve Dixon says:

    Thanks for the update!!

  • Mark Z says:

    I’m unsure if this has been asked (and answered) elsewhere, but could we get a breakdown of what equipment is being used for production? Type/brand of camera, etc.

  • Ricky McGrath says:

    Have fun guys…looking forward to seeing the production updates and processes . It’s great to be kept in the loop like this. 🙂

  • Peter Schmidt says:

    Hurrah! This is truly exciting. 🙂

  • Dennis Fisher says:

    I hear it’s not easy, being green.

  • Bridgid Rose says:

    My mom always told me, ” it doesn’t matter what shade of GREEN you use where,. It must have been God’s favorite color. It is all around us. And, green is for GOOD LUCK”. !!!!!! Congratulations !!!!
    Have a GREAT day everybody, be safe, have fun and good luck.

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