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Axanar Podcast # 39 – Star Trek Beyond


New Axanar Podcast!
“Deconstructing Beyond”
David Gerrold talks Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek fans eagerly awaited the release of the newest film with a mix of excitement and concern. After such widespread disappointment surrounded Into Darkness, how would the franchise be honored and portrayed in the year of its fiftieth anniversary? An initial trailer featuring music by The Beastie Boys was met with much hostility, and a few plot leaks created controversy in the fan community.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, Alec Peters sits down with David Gerrold, author of the classic episodes “The Trouble With Tribbles” and “The Cloud Minders,” to talk about their opinions of Star Trek Beyond, the revelation about Sulu’s sexuality, and how the character stories changed between the TV show and the movies. They discuss upcoming show, Star Trek: Discovery, and how they feel Star Trek films should have smaller budgets.

Plus, in news, Alec and Rob talk about Beyond and Discovery, and point out a few of their nitpicks about the movie.

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  • Agree with everything here. In trying to turn Star Trek into something ‘for the masses’ they lost what made/makes Star Trek special, in my opinion.

    It ISN”T for everyone…..it it for those of us who think beyond summer blockbusters.

    This last movie was better….I don’t think it lives up to its history, though.

    Star Trek Audiences want thoughtful, engaging, and progressive creative works.

    Love the analysis that these new characters are not likable as being the ‘best’. It is so true…..in trying to make them more ‘normal and human’ to appease the common person, they lost the idea that there is a greatness in the best of us which inspires.

    • Last thing…….so true in regards to proactive vs reactive characters. Even in the real world Army, leaders are identified as those who are proactive and create dynamics as opposed to being reactive.

      Bottom line…before I got wounded and was Deployed as an Officer…..if The new ‘Kirk” were an LT of mine, he’d receive a center of mass rating on his OER (Officer evaluation report)

      Being ‘cool’ doesn’t equal being ‘effective and capable’.

  • Great points and I agree with a reboot ala BSG. With the right ppl….would be AMAZING!

  • Enterprise-H says:

    I had to comment on the statement that Star Trek should be rebooted to make it “our future”. Every incarnation aside from DS9 was “our future”. TOS was our future in the 1960s, TNG and Voyager were our future in the 1980s till the 2000s and Enterprise was our future in the early 2000s. DS9 was our past (WWII).

    You do not reboot Star Trek. The fact that TOS and TNG take place in the same universe strengthen the franchise. In fact, TNG was the most brilliant form of “reboot” there is because of it. You have new ships, new technology and new uniforms without doing away with the old.

    Go to the 25th century. Go to the 26th century.

    There are MILLIONS of galaxies still left to explore in the Prime Timeline.

    The trap with reboots (set in alternate universes) is that you are given an excuse to reuse and reinvent the same species over and over again. (JJ-verse) Star Trek has got plenty of interesting species to learn more about aside from the Klingons and Romulans both canon and beta-canon. The Kzinti, Lyrans, Hydrans, Interstellar Concordium, Gorn, Tholians. If we lay off the Vulcans there are still many more Federation members we can explore. In TOS we learned about the Vulcans through Spock. In TNG we learned about the Klingons through Worf. In DS9 we learned about the Trill through Dax and the Ferengi through Quark, Rom and Nog. The universe was made richer and our interest of those cultures was piqued.

    My final argument against a new universe is this. The writers on TNG complained that they couldn’t do this or that because of what they had said, but let’s be honest they would have run into that problem eventually even if they had done a complete reboot. Here’s the thing, the strength of the JJ-verse is that it does not affect the Prime Timeline (as of yet). The weakness of the JJ-verse is that it does not affect the Prime Timeline (as of yet). By changing universes you in fact weaken the relevance. The beauty of Star Trek was for all its complexity that you could say that everything (up to the JJ-verse movies) took place in the same universe and timeline. What happened in one series or movie was relevant to everything else. Star Trek and Star Wars are universes and the more detailed those universes are the more interesting that they get. That is why Star Wars fans were angry when the Expanded Universe was lost. They were told that something that they considered relevant for years was no longer relevant.

    For Star Trek, a show which is about “To boldly go where no one has gone before”, that would be a bone-headed move to do.

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