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Axanar Podcast # 35 – Yorktown: A Time to Heal

By November 30, 2015 Axanar News


Axanar 35: The Indiana Jones of Star Trek Fan Films
John Atkin Talks Yorktown: A Time to Heal.

In 1985, Stan Woo began production on a Star Trek fan film that starred none other than George Takei. Yes, even as the Original Series cast were in the midst of making feature films, Sulu took to the screen in a fan production. That project was Yorktown: A Time to Heal. The only problem was that the film was never finished. But as Spock said, there are always possibilities; and that’s where John Atkin comes in.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters are joined by John to talk about his project to see Yorktown through to completion. John shares how he first learned about the fan film, why he decided to make sure it got completed, the progress being made, and much more.

In news, Rob and Alec bring you an update on the set production as they gather around the new Klingon war table, and also fill you in on the progress being made on visual effects.

Set Production Update (00:01:19)
VFX Update (00:05:24)
Prelude Perks Shipping Complete! (00:07:05)
More Studio Construction (00:08:32)

Feature: John Atkin Talks Yorktown: A Time to Heal
What is Yorktown? (00:14:22)
Finishing the Film (00:23:07)
The Indiana Jones of Star Trek Fan Films (00:29:47)
Feelings on Fan Films (00:32:28)
Stan Woo’s Feelings + New Scenes (00:36:13)
A Learning Process (00:38:34)

Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters

John Atkin

C Bryan Jones (Editor and Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager)

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