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Axanar Podcast # 30 – The Goddess of Fulfillment

By August 5, 2015 Axanar News

Podcast 30

Inside Axanar Perks and Fulfillment with Diana Kingsbury (and Boomer).

The enormous support for Axanar has brought with it an equally enormous tasks: perk fulfillment. We value each and every donor, and making sure that everyone is taken care of is a monumental job. But never fear, Diana Kingsbury—along with her first officer Boomer—are working night and day to make sure that all of the goodies stay organized and get transported to your coordinates.

In this episode of the official Axanar podcast, hosts Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters are joined by Diana for an update on the Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter fulfillment, as well as the first Axanar Kickstarter and special perks for the current Indiegogo campaign. She even shares a bit of Boomer’s origin story.

In our news segment, Alec and Rob bring you an update on the Indiegogo campaign, the story and script, explain why the ships of Axanar look the way they do (and how they fit into canon), and preview some of the next steps in production.

Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters

Diana Kingsbury

Intro, Indiegogo Update (00:00:00)
The Story, Script, Ships, and Canon (00:05:53)
Next Production Steps (00:17:49)
Feature: Perk Fulfillment with Diana Kingsbury (00:22:40)

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