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Axanar Perk Fulfillment Update

By February 10, 2015 April 29th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

Dear Donors,

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions about the status of everything… from delivery dates for the remaining perks from the “Prelude to Axanar” Kickstarter, for both stateside and international donors, to when we’ll be sending out emails with links to the BackerKit checkout system for our second Kickstarter, the initial one for “Axanar”. So, I thought it would be a great idea to address those points again, in one post. (If you already know all of this stuff, super! If not, though, hopefully this will help fill in any missing blanks. 🙂

We’re running slightly behind schedule on a couple of “Prelude to Axanar” perks–not that surprising, really, since the majority of work on it was done/is being completed on a mostly-volunteer (meaning unpaid) basis, and is therefore dependent on when each of us can make time around our other work (you know, the stuff which pays the bills 😉 ). We feel immensely rewarded by the fact that so many industry professionals graciously donated their talents and time to working on “Prelude to Axanar”, though, and while we’re as excited as all of you at the thought of finally having content to endlessly “ooh” and “ahh” over—mmm, the delectable soundtrack CDs, the watch-over-and-over-again HD-download/DVDs/Blu-rays of the jaw-droppingly-fantastic short film, or the beautifully-illustrated download of the script—we’re being patient, because we know the end results will be well-worth the wait.

In addition, we’re smack-dab in the middle of pre-production on the feature-length “Axanar”! Our team is building out the huge warehouse acquired at the end of January—so we’ll have offices, dressing rooms, hair/makeup, and editing spaces—after which teams will be toiling away at building the soundstage and some amazing sets. As for the feature itself, the writers (Alec and Christian) have been working diligently to “lock” the script, perfecting the story they want to tell. There’s an unbelievable amount of work behind every single facet of a production, but we’re happily plugging away at it, every day.

That said, we’ve opted to delay opening up the BackerKit checkout for our first “Axanar” Kickstarter, in an effort to avoid confusing everyone (including ourselves!) any more than necessary. We will send out emails containing links to the checkout as soon as things settle down a bit, and will, of course, continue to keep everyone apprised via our posts on the Facebook Donors Group page and in the weekly Kickstarter emails, so everyone should always be in the loop. 🙂

Rest assured in the meantime, though, that we appreciate the support of our donors such as yourself very, very much… and are hard at work putting that funding to the best uses possible, so that the end result can be a WONDERFUL Star Trek film. 🙂

Diana Kingsbury


Director of Fulfillment

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