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Axanar L.A. Shoot Casting has Begun!

Casting has begun, and Alec is working away, contacting actors who have not been part of Axanar before, in order to fill out the 9 spots we have for the L.A. shoot.  We will shoot 3 actors each day (as we have done on most shoots) and this includes:

3 humans

2 Vulcans

2 Klingons

2 Andorians

And the good news is yesterday we got a commitment from an actor who will be portraying Lt. Commander Corax, the Antosian shape shifter who is the intelligence officer on the USS Ares.  We are very excited about this casting, and will share everyone’s names after the shoot!

We are working away to fulfill the roles not yet cast, so stay tuned as we make progress towards the big Los Angeles shoot!


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  • Ben Willis says:

    Awesome! So great to hear this is finally happening! I pledged to be an extra in the indiegogo fundraiser and am really excited about this! So are these parts available for the extras? I will email you separately to discuss further. Thanks!!!

    • Alec Peters says:


      There will be a very special shoot in LA for the Starfleet HQ scene. That is where we will have all donors who paid to be an extra. You will be notified of that. Shoot will probably January.

      • Ben Willis says:

        Thanks so much for the quick reply! So does this mean there are 2 planned LA shoots? The three day shoot with the parts identified above, as well as the “special” shoot for the extras in January? Sorry for all of the questions, just super-excited for this!!

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