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Axanar Dog Rescue’s Latest Fosters

By July 12, 2021 February 2nd, 2024 Axanar Animal Rescue, Captain's Log

When we took Katherine’s (the lady about to be evicted) three Beagles to Karen Kelly’s foster facility for rescue, it took up one of Karen’s six kennel runs.  At the same time, Karen had these three adorable puppies that had been found in the woods by a homeless man and turned into Animal Control.  So I asked Crysstal if we could foster them, which would free up a Kennel in Karen’s facility so she could rescue more dogs.  Of course she said yes.

So two weeks ago we brought these three little fuzzballs into our home.  We will foster them until we leave for the Las Vegas Star Trek convention.  And they are adorable and growing fast!

First job was to give them all a bath.  And they were small enough to do that in the kitchen sink.  We set up a pen for them, and put down pee pads.  And they have been nothing but a joy ever since.  They love our sofa especially, which, with all the pillows, they treat like a Jungle Gym.

Feeding time means they get separate bowls, as they are very hungry pups!

So, that is the latest work of Axanar Dog Rescue.  Stay tuned for more updates on these amazing pups.

Oh, and Karen is so happy we took them, as she used the kennel they were in to rescue SEVEN German Shepard puppies left on the side of the road!

The work of dog rescue never ends.  Thank you for your support.


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