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Axanar Dog Rescue Saves Mom and 8 Puppies!

By August 12, 2021 February 2nd, 2024 Axanar Animal Rescue, Captain's Log

On Tuesday, July 27th, I went to drop off food with a person I know who had a dog that was supposed to go to rescue last year, and instead she gave it to her Mom who never spayed her. So now she had 10 puppies (one of whom had already died) and she was in need of help.
When I got there, one puppy was doing poorly, and so I called Karen Kelly, my go-to person for dog saving help.  Karen had me bring her the pup and she immediately went to work to try and save him. Medicine, de-wormer, milk by syringe, a bath to remove fleas. I left at 9:00 and we were in a wait and see mode.

But she got worse and at 11:00 Karen called me and we needed to get him to UGA Emergency Vet clinic. We both got there sometime right after midnight.  We were there almost 5 hours.

Unfortunately, the pup was septic and in a lot of pain. There was nothing to do but relive his suffering. It was the first pup I had to put down. Karen is not only super-experienced, but super loving and caring, and watching her comfort the little one reminded me why I thinks she is one of the most awesome people in the world. (Along with Amy and Tracy, our two rescue friends we work with).

Karen (right) comforts the puppy as we say goodbye.

It hadn’t even been 12 hours since I got this pup, but I was tearing up.  Karen was a rock.  She is an amazing person.

The next day was all about rescuing the remaining 8 puppies and the mom. We got a huge break, as one of Katie, one of the main people at Gwinnett Animal Control, (an amazing facility that is generally no-kill) went above and beyond as I was going to have to take them there.
She immediately loved Cinnamon and said she felt she could get a rescue for the pups! Between Karen Kelly and Katie at Animal Control, these pups and Mom went from certain death to rescued!

A rescue will often collapse from exhaustion once they feel safe. Being able to comfort a Mom and let her know she and her pups are now safe, is an amazing thing.

And as if we even needed a cherry on top, the rescue is the Gwinnett Jail dogs program, a nationally known program where inmates take care of and foster dogs. This program has even been featured on Pits and Parolees, the famous Animal Planet show.  These puppies will be the first dogs in the new women’s version of the program!
So when you wonder what we do when not making Axanar, one of the best things we do is save lives.  And we thank all of you who support this effort.
You can get an Axanar Pet Rescue Patch and support our efforts supporting dog rescue! Go to the Ares Studios Store and get your patch.  100% of all proceeds go to pet rescue!

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  • Ann Engel says:

    Great rescue and even better that they will be going on to the prison program, rescuing the dog s and the trainers is a double win!! I’ve got the patches – Boomer looks like a cat to me 😸 – when will you be offering the hats?

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