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By October 17, 2018 Axanar News

I am proud to say that we now own the URL Axanar.com.  We also picked up Axanar.net and Axanar.org.  The Axanar.com URL now points to our website, which has up until now been www.axanarproductions.com.

The story of how we got this URL is pretty funny.  I didn’t even know that the URL was available.  But the Axanar haters, like some bad movie villain monologueing his entire plan before he tries to kill the hero, revealed their desire to buy the URL and then use it to defame Axanar and me.

So I put in a bid and the haters, despite discussing pooling their money to buy it, couldn’t get their act together, and I won the URL for only $ 434.17! (Is there any wonder why they don’t have their own fan film when they couldn’t even get this right?).

URLs have changed a lot in the past 10 years, and having the .com isn’t as important as it used to be.  Having good Google search results, and branding whatever URL you have has become more important, and I think Lee, Bill and everyone have done a great job with that over the years.  But having Axanar.com is just cool and worth the cash I laid out for it.

Anyway, Lee Quessenberry, our trusty Technology Guru, will have all URLs pointing to all things Axanar soon!


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