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Axanar At Treklanta: 6 WINS!

We are completely ecstatic right now, Team Axanar!  Remember how we told you guys about the Star Trek Fan Film Awards happening at Treklanta this weekend?  Well, the winners were announced this afternoon, and guess who had a near sweep!

Check out this tweet from Axanar editor Robert Meyer Burnett:

Rob also had this to say about the landmark 6 wins:

“Really proud to see all of my very talented collaborators and friends have all of their enormously hard work recognized by those we labored so tirelessly for…the fans themselves.”

Our very own Garth Of Izar Executive Producer Alec Peters just recorded this video for us guys:

Our AWARD WINNING Director/Writer Christian Gossett said:

“There is no better test of what Trek should aspire to than the fans of the Trek community so to be honored with these awards really, REALLY means something special; if your passion and dedication isn’t onscreen, they know.  I thank them for the recognition.”

If you can’t see all the categories on those plaques, Prelude To Axanar took home 6 in total:

  • Best Production Design – Scott Cobb – Prelude to Axanar
  • Best VFX – Prelude to Axanar
  • Best Soundtrack – Prelude to Axanar
  • Best Original Screenplay – Prelude to Axanar
  • Best Director – Christian Gossett – Prelude to Axanar
  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form – Prelude to Axanar
Look at our lovely Diana holding up one of the awards!

Look at our lovely Diana holding up one of the awards!

Keep checking back today for further exclusive content including quotes, videos and photos from the production team celebrating our big win!

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