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Axacon Day 2

By November 5, 2018 May 28th, 2019 Captain's Log

Saturday as wan amazing day at Axacon.  Panels all day, lunch and dinner with Gary Graham and JG Hertzler, and the biggest surprise, author Linda Alexander, who wrote the Steve Ihnat biography and Steve’s widow Sally Marshall, who was amazing and loves Axanar!

Every single panel was filmed and the entire convention will be made available to everyone, possibly in Blu-ray form.  And with so few people, everyone got quality time with our stars, Gary Graham, JG Herztler and David Gerrold.

Gary Graham, Keith M. Sedor, JG Hertzler and David Gerrold

Sally Marshall, Steve Ihnat’s widow and Linda Alexander with me after our panel.

Gary And JG

Saturday Night dinner:

Saturday night Axanar dinner

Paul Jenkins, Gary Graham and David Gerrold

JG Hertzler and David Gerrold

Mark Largent of Stalled Trek

David Gerrold with Axanar super-volunteer Steve Dixon

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  • Moon Pie Guy says:

    I so much appreciated the hard work Alec and all the others who put in so much time to make this week end such a great experience. Personally, I was happy to be able to speak at length to Mark Largent. He is such a great guy. I am looking forward to his next project. Hope he does not feel like the Lone Ranger, though I am sure he has plenty of support for his project. Time for Alec to get some well earned rest. Best wishes.

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