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Ares Digital 3.0 is live!


You now can track all of your donations and perks in one place.  The first thing we need you to do is go to the link on the Axanar Productions website or click here to access Ares Digital.

Then PLEASE read the directions!  If you are a donor, you should be clicking on the second blue button “I AM A PREVIOUS DONOR“.

After you go through the first time and create a password, you will then be able to use the “LOG IN” button from then on.

If you are NOT a previous donor, but want to have an account so you can donate in the future, then just follow the “I HAVE NEVER DONATED TO AXANAR BEFORE” Button.

After you register on Ares Digital 3.0, you can then see all of your donations, and the perks associated with them.  The DASHBOARD page will show your donations to both Axanar campaigns, the Kickstarter in 2014 and the Indiegogo in 2015.  On the right it will display the status of a perk.  Physical perks will either be in a PENDING or FULFILLED status.  Digital perks can either be downloaded or accessed via a web page.  Click on a downloadable perk to automatically DOWNLOAD it, or get taken to a web page link as appropriate.

In the image above, you can even see that if you scroll over your donation, it will show individual donations if you made more than one to a campaign.

Click on ACCOUNT tab in the upper right and choose UPDATE PROFILE.  You can then update your address and edit your perk-specific preferences.

If you have a specific problem with the site, you can email us at support@axanarproductions.com.  Rick Torzynski, our new Chief Software Engineer, personally handles all support emails for Ares Digital!

Much thanks to Jerry Ablan, our Chief Technology Officer, and John Eaton, or Chief Software Product Officer for their work getting Ares Digital 3.0 up and running smoothly.

And THANK YOU for your support and patience!


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