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Ares Digital 2.0, and What You Need to Do!

By December 2, 2016 June 7th, 2017 Axanar News, Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

Greetings Donors!

A quick update from Fulfillment HQ for you…
As everyone knows, we’ve had our digital-delivery-donor-database-&-rewards-fulfillment platform–Ares Digital 2.0–up and running for a couple of months now (albeit as a work in progress, since there are considerably more layers to it than simply being a database with a whole lot of names, as some people seem to believe).

One HUGE task for me has been getting all of the Paypal donors (meaning, anyone who donated retroactively, or who just didn’t want to utilize the funding campaign platforms), plus those folks who still only trust snailmail, added to the new system.

Now, some folks out there–ehem–are no doubt saying, “Pfft, what’s the big deal?“.  Hahahahaha… let me paint you a little picture. There are nine very large folders chock-full of those donors, comprising hundreds and hundreds of donors, all of which have to be manually entered (in addition to being cross-referenced against existing listings, as some folks have donated under more names/emails than there are fingers on one’s hand, and incorrect duplications obviously have to be fixed), and in many instances, changes made. [You arranged with me to change to a new level? Fantastic! Only… now I have to go in, find the original donation/s, and delete/change/update.] And, when a surprising (okay, surprising to me) number of people don’t use their actual name… or, oddly, don’t attach their email address… it’s even more challenging (read, time-consuming).


Files… endless files… 🙂

Good news, though, is that I’m working on the ninth folder (of nine, remember), so the end is in sight for that task (thank the Quantum Field).

~     *     ~     *     ~     *     ~

So… what does this mean for YOU? Well, pretty much the same thing it always means; if you’ve already visited your AD2.0 account–right here!–and made sure you details (particularly shipping info) are correct, good on you, your mission is complete! 🙂 But, if you haven’t yet logged in to your account, please make sure you do so without further delay, because when things are shipping out (remember, the patches from the Axanar Kickstarter have been shipping, and we know those of you who made donations to the Axanar KS at levels involving physical goodies want to get those patches!) we can only do so after you’ve visited and updated your accounts.

Always onward and upward, everyone! 🙂

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