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By June 18, 2019 Captain's Log

There are two Andorians in the next two parts of Axanar.  One is Admiral Threll, who takes over for Admiral Ramirez when Ramirez is…

well, you will have to wait to see (or read the comic book that Jonathan Lane is releasing!).

And the other is the captain of an Ares class ship.  So with two Andorians to make-up, we had to decide, WHAT kind of Andorians!  Are we talking TOS style with the bigger, static antenna?

Or are we talking Enterprise Andorians, with the smaller antenna which move?

And then there are Discovery Antenna, but those are basically Enterprise style (with funky eyebrow ridges).

So, looking to see what fans think, we did a poll on the Axanar Facebook page.  And here is what we asked…

So much to my surprise, Enterprise Andorians were more popular, but when you read the comments, one thing was clear, fans wanted MOVING antenna. It was less about the style and more about the moving effect.  So, ultimately we decided to do BOTH.  I happen to LOVE TOS antenna, but I agree, they should move.  So one character will have TOS style antenna and the other Enterprise, and both will move.  After all, there are many types of Andorians!

The Andorians have always been my favorite race.

BTW, do you know I had lunch with Jeffrey Combs in 2015 to talk about him being in Axanar?  I wanted him to play Mor’o, the Klingon Though Admiral, but he really didn’t want to play a Klingon!


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  • jaime osbourn says:

    I’ve always thought that the Andorians were under represented in the series.

    • Don Albares says:

      I think the Andorian ‘look’ – antennae position, forehead, skin tone and otherwise, simply shows the same genetic diversity as occurs in humans. Also, just because antennae aren’t moving doesn’t mean they can’t. Perhaps some Andorians (diplomats, ect) suppress their emotionally-driven antenna movement to keep others from reading their state of mind. Perhaps it is an ancient evolutionary trait that some find burdensome and simply have them nerve-snipped.

  • Pat white says:

    Alex, you need to make up you own design. You don’t need cbs on your door step again

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Wow. Good choice. Nice that you met Jeffery.

  • Bob says:

    Hey Alex,

    Maybe you can get Jeffrey Combs to reprise his role from “enterprise “. I remembered reading that if “enterprise ” had gone on a couple more seasons, Jeffrey would have had a bigger role.

  • Jason Alseth says:

    Too bad about Jeffrey. He’s a great Star Trek actor.

  • Thomas Laurita says:

    Jeffrey Combs gave an exceptional performance as Shran in STE. Andorians in TOS were underwhelming background characters. It may not be a matter of makeup but more that Shran was one of my favorites. Plus STE showed the radical differences in Andorian and Vulcan societies. I think the decider was Ambassador Soval’s reference “Don’t push the pink skins to the thin ice.” To me that was golden.

  • Mean Guy says:

    Good choice on split.

  • Lance Ripplinger says:

    As long as the Andorians in Axanar are as badass as Shran was, I’m happy with them all!

  • Starius says:

    Please show, behind the scenes style, how you end up making the Andorian antennae! This would be a great resource for other cosplayers and fanfilms.

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