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A Change in the Captain’s Log (for now)

By February 10, 2016 January 10th, 2024 Captain's Log

Fan Stories V2

Hey all.  For the past few months, the Captain’s Log has been a daily review of what is happening at Axanar.  One thing we take great pride in is showing you, the fan, exactly what we are doing, the progress we are making and how we are spending your donor dollars.

Well, with the Paramount/CBS lawsuit we are going to change our focus. Since we won’t be moving ahead with production of Axanar at least until we have filed an answer in court (part of our agreement with Paramount/CBS), which will happen this month, we want to focus on you, the fans.  To that extent, we will be publishing the stories of fans for the time being.  Why do you like Star Trek?  What brought you to Axanar?  Why Axanar is special to you and what you are looking forward to.  You can submit your stories to pr@axanarproductions.com.

And today we start with Vernon Vincent, who posted this in the Facebook Axanar Fan Group.

Why I Stand With Axanar

by Vernon Vincent

The fact is, since Axanar has been receiving so much attention lately, I thought I’d share my experience with the production and Alec Peters as the point-of-view of one fan far removed from Hollywood.

I don’t remember how I first heard about Axanar, but I was one of the backers for Prelude on Kickstarter. I remember being interested, but not terribly excited, over the project. The effects seemed very well done, but given the state of computer animation today, I would been surprised if they hadn’t been.

Then a curious thing happened. I started getting these updates from Alec Peters on how the campaign was going. Not little drips and drabs, but full blown epics on the state of the project. And then the project ended, and I still got these updates. It was incredible. The standard up to that point with other projects has been infrequent updates and frequent wondering whether I would get my donor gifts.

And then some where along the line – this little thing called an annual report materialized. I thought, “Holy crap – what f*ckery is this?!? An actual accounting of how the money was spent? If these jokers are trying to take the money and run, they’re doing a pretty poor job of it.”

Little by little, I became convinced that this was no ordinary project, but a group of talented and dedicated film industry professionals with zeal of fans who were bound and determined to actually do right by me with the money I gave them. I made the acquaintance, if only through Facebook, of these people and found their passion and forthrightness to be refreshing. They are not idealists in the sense that they believe things will just work out – they have a plan and the expertise to back it up.

I have stated many times, though not recently, that Axanar – along with Stephen Fender’s Four Years War (and other books) – has become the gold standard for me in terms of how a Kickstarter project should be handled. We as donors have been kept informed (to the extent possible) every step of the way on the status of the project. I look forward to this film with joy and excitement. Not just for the film itself, but for the honor of experiencing the achievement of those who have worked on it and persevered in these most recent difficulties.

This is very important:

Should the worst happen and the money is taken from the fans who supported this project by the studios who have filed suit, I will not count it misspent because I will know that it was not due to the actions of the steward in whom I first placed my trust.

Alec and his team can have my money for any project they undertake because I trust them to make the best use of it.

Vernon Vincent

Join the discussion 11 Comments

  • bummer! =(

    …i was *wondering* if the lawyers hadn’t slapped you down for trying to do “Klingon Week” =P

  • Bob says:

    Very good Vincent. I was equally impressed with Alec and the Axanar crew. However, I could only post through comment sections like this since I do not have a facebook page. AND… as fond as I am of the idea behind Axanar, that is not sufficient for me to get a facebook page. However, I do echo your sentiment.

  • Scott says:

    “Should the worst happen and the money is taken from the fans who supported this project by the studios who have filed suit, I will not count it misspent because I will know that it was not due to the actions of the steward in whom I first placed my trust.”

    Good stuff right there. That’s how I feel as well.

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    I have also been a backer since before the filming of “Prelude” and have had the pleasure of meeting Alec, Diana, Richard and a few others on the project. I wholeheartedly agree. These people are well worth backing in this or any other project! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • John says:

    I strongly believe that if you are only going to enforce your copyright because of the quality of a film, which case this appears to be, and it is one that so obviously appeals to the core fans, you should back their play. I can easily see this as a full blown cinema release, a made for TV movie, or a mini-series.

    I should also say, that as a long time Star Trek fan, I was far more excited about this project than anything Paramount has turned out lately. It is not only imaginative, it doesn’t try to play safe. It’s a challenging story like the Star Trek franchise used to produce and, hopefully, if Paramount/CBS wise up, will again.

    I also join with those who would support any project that these folks would do in the future.

  • Olsen says:

    I am quite new to Axanar, I only came onboard after the lawsuit. I am not sure why I didn’t follow the project closely before as I am a big fan of New Voyages. But Prelude and the Vlucan scene blew me away. This is the Star Trek I want, not the parody that Paramount is producing. I donated 75$ until now and will probably put in much more. If Paramount steals the money next month it will still be worth it.

  • KosstAmojan says:

    Eh, Vulcan scene is now set as “private” on YouTube… Why? 🙁

  • felinefarmerx22 says:

    I have been watching this production for while now. I would like to say that I have not seen any but the first JJ movie and i will not pay to see any of the following JJ movies. I don’t want them to see a dime of my money because of the terrible way they have treated the ST universe. They made Kirk a jerk, KIRK WAS NEVER A JERK. absolutely destroyed the spirit of ST.
    Having said that I would love to fund and see the axanar project. This is the real ST. I pray to GOD that you win.
    CBS / paramount and JJ can go pound sand.
    Should cbs happen to win, I have been looking for years for a movie production to do larry nivens RINGWORLD books these would make good movies and i would fund you guys for this as well. thankx

  • jd says:

    After this mess is all over, you should consider a different venue. The Sci-Fi universe is very large with many stories worth telling, especially for profit. Plus you won’t have the damn studios to contend with. When Axanar is seen as a success in the eyes of the fans, you will be able to accomplish it. JD

  • Robert Donovan says:

    I just want to say that if the worst happens I will not seek to get my donation back. I believe in this project and find it far more compelling than the shallow, Kirk-as-frat-boy approach Paramount has been taking. I will also say that, if Axanar is quashed, I am strongly inclined never to watch any Star Trek Paramount puts out, either movie or series, from that point forward.

  • I can tell you before we really learn anything of the new CBS show being produced that “Axanar” is true trek. CBS should give them financial backing to bring this series/film to a much broader audience, or work together. Last time I checked CBS is not a man who’s “ego” needs to be satisfied. Your biz and your biz is to make money. Don’t hate that someone else beat you at your own game, Recognize and help and make some money. Or continue to degrade the wonderful creation Gene gave the world.

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