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Captain’s Log – March 30th, 2016

By April 2, 2016 Captain's Log

Michael Suiter 8

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 

Today, some more images from the awesome Michael Suiter, who keeps working on his USS Ares art.  There are a lot of artists out there who are doing Star Trek work for fun, and now there are even 50th anniversary Star Trek contests.  Check out the one at welovefine.com.

Michael Suiter 10

Michael Suiter 7


Meanwhile in the legal battle….

lawsuit form

Had a great call today with a lawyer who has worked for one of the two oldest Star Trek licensees who has some insight on our case from the time Gulf & Western owned Paramount. Of course, he is a big Axanar fan and wants to see us succeed.

What is amazing is the number of both fans and professionals who contact me to tell me how impressed they are with the motion to dismiss Erin Ranahan and her amazing team filed.  We are very lucky indeed to have such an amazing law firm representing us.  And remember, Winston & Strawn is representing us pro-bono, meaning they work for free.  No donor money is being spent on the lawsuit.

Thanks for your support!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

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  • Edward Darlow says:

    [Editor’s Note: Our buddy, Ed Darlow, is at it again. Flinging accusations like a monkey flings … well, you know.

    To help provide some context for this post, please understand that less than 40 minutes after posting an outrageous screed on our FAQ, Ed followed up with this post. I, your faithful moderator and monitor of the absurd, took the night off and saved responding to all Ed’s machinations until Sunday afternoon.

    So here it is …]

    you ask for comments on all your email messages, but when one is given not 100% supporting Axanar it is deleted or the comment never gets out of moderation. Is this the actions of a company interested in the truth and nothing but the truth? Please answer and tell me.

    Ed Darlow

    [Again, it appears Ed sees conspiracy where none exist. And the “truth and nothing but the truth” statement indicates someone has been watching too much Perry Mason.

    Ed, if you’re really interested in understanding how Axanar Productions values input, feedback and criticism (yes, criticism), you should make sure to read my upcoming blog post about what we’re doing to address some of the vindictive comments and actions taken against Axanar Productions and Alec Peters by you and some of your social media pals. If you’re really interested in lowering the level of the rhetoric, we’re ready to listen.

    But if not, then I’ll keep editing your comments with my own, snarky commentary.

    Live long and prosper, pal. – Mike]

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