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Over the past month or so I have updated you all on the status of the USS Ares bridge set housed at OWC Studios. So I thought it was worth putting all that information in one place on the main Axanar blog so you all could know what is going on if you don’t read the Captain’s Log.

So what is happening with finishing the bridge?  Well, we have three jobs that we are doing to finish the bridge.

  •  Install all the electronics and view screens.
  •  Create and install control panels.
  •  Install carpeting.

First up is the view screens. Curtis Short who has been our Studio Manager since California, is in charge of the overall finishing of the bridge. Back in 2015, Curtis was able to buy all the screens needed for the bridge.  Now the lower screens were out of production monitors as they are the old 4×9 aspect ration screens no longer used.  Curtis was able to find a dealer who bought old government computers and equipment and got a great deal on them.  While we need 48 for the lower monitors, Curtis bought extras.  He also bought 13 current model HD TVs for the upper monitors.

So now Curtis is working on installing the lower monitors and get an electrician to help make sure everything is up to spec!

Each monitor is held in place individually

Each section is run by a PC

Sections waiting to have PCs attached.

We have a couple of electricians who have volunteered to help with the breaker panel and making sure everything is set up correctly and a few IT specialists!

And while Curtis Short is in charge of the electronics, Alexander Richardson (who we interviewed on our blog here) is in charge of the control panels.  Alexander is our chief graphic artist for the bridge and is designing every single station so that they actually look real if you sit and look at them!

Here is one of his first test stations:

There are 4 different screens that will need to be translights as monitors won’t fit.

So Alexander is making translights for these slots, similar to this…

Alexander did the bridge schematic next to the Turbo-lift!

So that leaves the carpet, which will be the last thing we do!  Stay tuned for more as we make progress!


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  • Mark Mazz says:

    Incredibly impressive!
    This is the hard work that makes the whole imagery real, and allows the suspension of disbelief. Just the thought of making those bridge systems malfunction during a battle, and getting them to synchronize those malfunctions for a timed effect is mind-bending!

    Hats off to your awesome production team!

  • Mark Payton says:

    I have been waiting with baited breath to see the full mock up so I can create a full illustration of the bridge in the middle of the battle

  • DLope67 says:

    Looks great, love how it blends in a bit of that monochromatic feel from the 1st pilot. Nice job!

  • Vinson Visions says:

    I notice there’s only one door behind the captain’s chair, is that something that got changed from the previous bridge concepts?

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