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Making a Lane Change and the New Rules of the Road

By March 23, 2016 Feature Stories

Since this website’s inception, Executive Producer Alec Peters has been the driving force for producing content and sharing information on Axanar Production’s projects (PRELUDE TO AXANAR and AXANAR) as well as on the on-going development of the soundstage we refer to as Ares Studio.  While production of the AXANAR feature film remains suspended, Alec has continued to add more to his “to-do” list and has finally admitted (with a little coaxing from his friends) that he should give up a job or two as a result.

For the foreseeable future, I’ll be handling editorial duties on the Axanar Productions website – although Alec will continue to update his online diary, The Captain’s Log and Diana will keep adding news to our Fulfillment Blog when the need arises. As one of the PR Directors for Axanar Productions (I share that volunteer position with Morey Altman who lives in Israel), I have access to a lot of information and receive tons of questions from fans and reporters.

So many questions. We need a place for all the answers.

And that’s what we have here at axanarproductions.com – an online repository of information, images, video and audio that helps you learn more about the story of AXANAR and our efforts to deliver a high-quality fan film to you.  What I write will be informed by the questions you ask, so please feel free to do so.

There are also a number of AXANAR backers and fans who have volunteered to research and write interesting articles about everything from Star Trek trivia to the history of fan films (and more). We’ll be posting and discussing those stories here as well.

But like all good referees/traffic cops/bloggers, I do insist we follow some simple rules:

  1. Keep it relevant. It’s okay to ask questions about AXANAR, PRELUDE TO AXANAR, what Axanar Productions has done and what we might do in the future.
  2. Have some fun. Geeky, Trek-related questions are always welcomed – but in all honesty, Alec and Rob are the two best ones to answer those questions, so please don’t be offended if I give you a link to their Facebook page (or something like that) so you can engage them yourself. I’m afraid I’m more of a marketing and PR-geek than a Trek-geek.
  3. Don’t get personal. Personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity, etc. are off limits and comments that include them will be edited.
  4. Facts matter. I’m big on accuracy. I’m also a huge skeptic. If you post a comment that makes broad generalizations or twists facts to support your argument, I’m likely to correct you – nicely at first, but if you persist, I’ll turn up the snark-o-meter and let you have it.
  5. Please don’t ramble. Long diatribes are tiring … at least, that’s what everyone who reads my stuff says. Please keep your posts to no more than 300 words. If you get too long, I may give your comment a haircut.
  6. This is your only warning. If you go too far (ref. #3 and #4), I reserve the right to delete your post (and I’ll email you to explain why).
  7. Be nice. In short, decency and decorum are expected. I use a simple “rule of thumb” when I write blog posts, comments on discussions, emails, etc. I ask myself if I’d be embarrassed to learn my mother had read what I’m about to post/send.  If the answer is “yes” then it’s better to re-write than take that risk. I’m not saying we have your mom’s email address, but …
  8. I may not be through with the rules … yet. It all depends on the nature, volume and tone of the comments made to this site. If things get out of hand, I’ll add more rules. If we all get along – great.


Join the discussion 12 Comments

  • James says:

    Good Luck Mike.

  • EJCox says:

    keep your posts to no more than 300 words. If you get too long, I may give your comment a haircut.

    So Alec has authorized you to change the meaning and intent of posts by cutting them short? I never write long posts but Censorship of regular posts seems so non Trek….

    Have fun…

    • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:

      Sorry you feel that way, Ed.

      I’d hope you consider it an attempt to keep people focused rather than censor them. But if you disagree, I understand and respect that.


      • MsMariel says:

        It actually takes attention and thought to “write short,” and 300 words is really quite a lot. It’s not “censorship” to ask writers to get to the point. I support all your Rules. Thank you!

        Ms Mariel

        • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:

          Thanks Mariel,

          My wife and kids would appreciate it if I could keep all of my advice and shaggy-dog stories to 300 words or less, too. LOL!



  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Sounds like a good plan.
    Anyone who wants to write more than 300 words should submit an article, not a post. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    Since the studio cannot produce Axanar for the moment (and for some undefined period), are there any other non-Trek fan films in the works?

    • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:

      Hi Brian,

      Great question. Here’s where things stand at the moment …

      1.) With the lawsuit in process, principal photography of the AXANAR feature as well as some other important pre-production work is suspended. We’re hoping at some point in the future, we’ll be able to sit down with folks from Paramount and CBS and talk through their concerns to see if there’s a way we can satisfactorily address them and get back on track making the feature. How soon that “sit down” may come is uncertain, but it’s probably safe to say that all of the complaints and responses need to be filed first so everyone completely understands what the dispute at hand covers.

      2.) In the meantime, Rob and Alec have been working on creating some “Behind the Scenes” stuff that will be made available to backers and fans at a later date. The guys are also busily working out a variety of contingency plans, adjusted budgets and production schedules to put into action if and when Axanar Productions is able to reach some kind of agreement with CBS and Paramount.



  • Stephen says:

    On Items #3 and #4, I heard something the other day that could apply: You can disagree, just don’t be disagreeable.

  • Ed says:

    In the interests of transparency, how much are you paid monthly from donor money to be a P.R. spokesperson for Axanar?

    • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:

      Hi Ed,

      I’m a volunteer and don’t get paid anything to do PR work for Axanar Productions, although last year, the company did pay for my airfare and rental car so we could meet for a 5-day period in advance of our Indiegogo campaign.

      I’m sure there are days when I’m worth every penny they pay me. ????

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