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The Geek FAQ

By January 21, 2014 January 24th, 2014 Social Media

While every website worth its salt has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Star Trek: Axanar has a “Geek FAQ“.  Why?  Because we are all Star Trek geeks to some extent.  Some of us just like the episodes and some of us are insanely into the tiny minutiae of the Star Trek universe.  I happen to fall into the latter.  I love Starships and the history of the Federation.  In fact Axanar has always been a piece of historical Star Trek fiction in my mind.

So what are the first questions we are answering?  Well, the questions that I have seen the most on Facebook when discussing Axanar.  Why do the Starfleet uniforms in Axanar have the Starfleet patch used by the Enterprise in TOS and a ship patch on the shoulder?  Why does the USS Ares have a deflector dish that glows blue like the TMP Enterprise, rather than a copper colored dish as in TOS?  Will there be aliens on the USS Ares?  Will will see aliens on Starfleet ships?  When does Axanar take place?

Every one of these questions has been seriously analyzed and our answers are based on a thorough knowledge of Star Trek.  We want to share our thought processes and rationalizations with you and hopefully create a lively discussion, but also a feeling among geeks that we don’t take Trek canon lightly!

And as we get more questions, we will update the Geek FAQ when we think  there is a question that deserves a place there.  And if you have questions, ask us on Facebook, or on our forum.  We would love to engage you in a discussion of the world of Star Trek and Axanar.



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