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“Supergirl No More” fan film in production!

By October 21, 2021 Ares Studios

Supergirl No More is an “Elseworlds” fan film that tells the story of Supergirl later in her life. She is an outcast, wanted for war crimes, and trying to correct the mistakes of her past. Lex Luthor is President, most super heroes are in hiding, and the world is not the idyllic one we hoped for.

Supergirl No More is the brainchild of Crysstal Hubbard, who 7 years ago made an amazing Supergirl trailer, that she is finally getting to make a web series of. The web series will be produced by Crysstal Hubbard, Richie Watkins and Matt Kohler, and Ares Studios will serve as co-producer.


The genesis of Supergirl No More is the Supergirl Unburdened trailer, shot by Crysstal and her team in 2014.   The plot remains the same.  Things have not gone well for superheores, and a reckoning is coming…


Supergirl No More is proud to announce casting of a pivotal role in episode one: Matches Malone, Bruce Wayne’s undercover alter-ego when he needs information from the Gotham underworld, will be played by Batman in the Sun‘s Kevin Porter!

Kevin sees playing Matches as a dream role and we have already filmed Kevin’s part…meeting Kara in a back alley to exchange information.

Supergirl no More is slated to be a web series, released on YouTube, with 3 episodes so far scripted.  We have some VERY exciting casting news coming, and episode 1 will release in 2022.

Continuous updates will be posted here and on the Ares Studios Newsletter!

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Supergirl No More is raising $ 3,000 to cover the expenses of the first film shoot, which was held in September.  All donors get perks for their donations and our process is simple, once you donate, you go claim your perks on the Ares Studios Store in a special Supergirl No More perk section . No waiting, your perks are shipped out immediately!

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Or copy and paste this link: https://gofund.me/77248ae5



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