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Studio Floor Going In!

By March 5, 2015 Ares Studios

The first major retorfitting project at Ares Studios sound stage space has begun.  Curtis Laseter, Babylon 5 Construction Coordinator, and Dean Newberry, his trusty # 1 began the project of laying down the stage floor.  This is important as sets will be secured directly to the floor as they are in professional sound stages.

Floor Supplies

$ 28,000 of sound board and flooring.

The sound stage is full of supplies paid for with your donations!Floor 1.1Curtis and Dean take a moment to pose for my camera (well, my iPhone 6).

The first layer down is a sound board to make the stage sound recording friendly!Floor 1.5After that goes a layer of tongue and groove board.  The tongue and groove prevents slippage.Floor 1.3Then a layer of plastic sheeting to prevent more noise and then the top layer of tongue and groove plywood.Floor 1.4This is just one of the places your hard earned money is going!  You are literally making a film studio.  And we will be bringing you not just Axanar, but other Star Trek and other Sci Fi.  You deserve it!

Learn more on the Axanar Podcast # 20.  We talk with Curtis, Dean and discuss what we are doing with the studio.

Alec Peters

Executive Producer



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  • Sue Brown says:

    So cool to see the construction from ground up. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Very exciting to see.

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