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Production Update – The Stage is Set!

By November 2, 2021 Axanar News

The November 20th Axanar shoot is all set!

The stage is booked (for free mind you!), the uniforms are ready, and travel has been booked!

The crew is set with editor/post supervisor Mark Edward Lewis, DP Geoff Lewis, and director Ted Brunetti all confirmed.  Josh Irwin of Avalon Universe, will be handling all Behind The Scenes (BTS) filming, and we have  Trekkie Feud and Gaaays in Spaaace founder Dan Deevy hosting a full-day Live Stream from the shoot.


JG Hertzler as Admiral Sam Travis, Rob Pralgo as Robert April and Raj Kala as Commodore Singh will be shooting on Saturday, November 20th.

The shoot will be directed by Ted Brunetti, who will focus on the performances, while Mark Edward Lewis, our Editor and Post Production Supervisor, will be serve as co-director, focusing on what the shots look like in camera. Geoff Fagien will be our Director of Photography and Jim Ross our Gaffer.


Avalon Universe’s Josh Irwin will be coming down and handling all BTS (Behind the Scenes) filming.  This will be his sole job on set, and so we expect some amazing footage from Josh.  This will give us great footage for the BTS featurettes on the Axanar Blu-ray.


Dan Deevy is well know to a lot of Star Trek fans for his amazing “Trekkie Feud” game show that we will be releasing on the Axanar Channel.  Dan gets Star Trek celebrities and fans together and does an amazing job putting on a really good Star Trek-themed knock off of Family Feud.

Dan is an experienced entertainment journalist and will be hosting our live stream all day Saturday, November 20th, live from the studio where we are shooting!

Please stay tuned for more details!

Alec Peters

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  • Edward McDonald says:


    The fan productions have been fantastic and very professionally produced! I wish and it would be great if CBS/Paramount would recognize the sheer talent and love of everyone involved in Star Trek and allowed and supported (materially and financially) the ability to make full length movies and even a new T.V. or streaming series. These fan based shows are excellent and I believe it would benefit both companies and allow the actors and fans to be apart of the Star Trek Universe and to “boldly go” into a new adventure every week! I hope that Axanar will continue into the future and bring us fans exciting adventures of Cpt. Garth and the U.S.S. Ares!!

  • Edward G. Robinson says:

    Looks like the best fan film ever!

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