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“Prelude To Axanar” First Official Trailer

By June 11, 2014 Social Media

You’ve been waiting most patiently for the first trailer for Prelude To Axanar, and here it is!

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  • David D Stanton says:

    Brilliant keep up the great work and get Star Trek back on track… The last two movies lost the soul of the whole thing. This needs to be made by those who know and love the Trek not just producers and writers who don’t know a thing about it.

  • Donald Kostival says:

    The trailer looked great. I believe this project will reignite the fan base above anything we have seen since TNG was in its prime. Good work.

  • AJ says:

    Looks amazing. I think if anything the VFX work looks a little *too* good. Needs a bit of that “shaky cam” and lens flares 🙂

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Awesome! Great talent and production values! Can’t wait for it, but I guess we must. 🙂

  • Jesse says:

    Does this take place in the Abrams Star trek universe?

    • Axanar says:

      No, Axanar takes place in the pre-Narada Prime universe.

    • John Scott says:

      Technically the Four Years War did not occur in the Prime Universe, it may have occurred in the JJ Abrams universe but we don’t know. Originally the Four Years War was part of the background to the FASA universe, and is the work of some fan fiction. This looks well done and I admired a few of the actors in the BSG reimaging. I think this is a worthy cause, and after all every decision has been made in parallel dimensions, thus all possible universes exist simultaneously. (FASA lost the rights to produce the Star Trek Roleplaying Game after Gene Roddenberry felt they had made the Federation to militaristic, with him now being gone many years such limitations on Star Trek do not exist as seen in DS9, Voyager and Enterprise all made after his death).

  • Glenn E. Smith says:

    This looks incredible, Alec. You and your team have assembled one hell of an awesome cast and this promises to be an excellent film and a worthy addition to the Star Trek world.

  • MCQuake says:

    This looks Great, I hope you successfully get the funding to make this movie. It could be one of the Best Star Trek Movies ever made.

  • Peter Baldwin says:

    OOOHH Man,This first trailer really looks great.

  • Bob Scott says:

    This trailer is already more exciting than the JJ Abrams movies. It’s truly a movie a Trekkie can anticipate!

  • Jeremy Walbert says:

    OMG! The trailer alone takes my breath away!!!! This looks freaking awesome. I like how it remains true to the original concept of STAR TREK while at the same time giving it a fresh new look. I am looking forward to seeing the full length movie and just from the looks of it, this sure beats the crap J.J. Abrahms has come out with.


  • Adam La Juene says:

    This is a brilliant trailer and I can tell that that the people making this respect Star Trek. You do not have to like Star Trek to make good Star Trek but you should respect it. I am proud to back this project that is, to me at least, the last best hope for Star Trek movies, it feels like I am giving something back to the franchise I have been a fan of since early childhood watching reruns of The Original Series and later The Next Generation.

  • Kwame says:

    Man! I get chills just watching this–and I’ve watched the trailer, now, at least 10-15 times. It gets better each time. The production values are just incredible. I’ve watched some of the stuff made by fans and I’m always struck by the inconsistent production values (shabby looking, ill-fitting uniforms, lame plots, bad acting, etc.), but this looks good. The CGI is just mind-blowing!! It’s so good, you can see the detail on the hull plating on the ships. The choice of actors is, frankly, nothing short of genius. Tony Todd is an excellent choice, as is Richard Hatch, as is J.G. Hertzler and Kate Vernon. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Al Bedgood says:

    An excellent beginning! As a long time fan (since the beginning), I am very excited!

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