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Perk Fullfillment – Ultimate Patch Collection

By January 15, 2020 July 9th, 2020 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

We are finally ready to fulfill the perks for the Axanar 2015 Indiegogo Campaign for $100 Ultimate Patch Collection donors. PLEASE READ IN ORDER TO GET YOUR PERKS.

This $100 perk level got you 11 patches…

The USS Hercules, USS Ajax, Fourth Fleet and Veteran II patches were sent out already (and if you didn’t get yours, please email Alec at alec@axanar.com).  This will be for the following 8 patches to complete the Ultimate Patch Collection:

USS Ares

USS Ares Development

First Fleet

Second Fleet

Third Fleet

Fifth Fleet

Starfleet Emergency Response

USS Ares Construction Team (Which replaces Starfleet procurement which we are out of stock on).


We have instituted a process which we will follow for all perks from now on.

1)  Each perk shipped will be charged a shipping charge.  This charge will help pay for the perks and shipping.

2)  Donors must go through the Ares Studios Store in order to pay for this shipping charge.  This allows us to…

1.  Ensure we are only shipping to correct addresses as donors must enter their current address.

2.  Easily manage shipping through our ShipStation Software allowing us to track what has been shipped.

3)  We will allow two weeks for all donors to go through the Ares Studios Store in order to pay for their shipping and enter their information, after that time we will move onto the next perk.


Donors will pay $10 for shipping.  But, we are including the USS T’Val patch for free (a $10 value).

Go here to pay for shipping and get your patches.

Note: This is ONLY for donors who donated $100 in the 2015 Axanar Indiegogo campaign.  When you submit this order, your name will be checked against the donor list for this perk level.

Please go here to pay for shipping and give us your current information.

Thank you!

Alec Peters


Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • Sam Bertolami says:

    I was already charged for shipping during the original campaign as well.

  • Terry Henderson says:

    I keep getting these last chance emails. I already paid my shipping the first email you sent. I hope you connect my name on the shipping too me…

    • Alec Peters says:

      The emails are sent to the entire group that donated for a particular perk. We don’t take you off the list once you go through the process. We just can’t do that, but rest assured, if you went through the checkout, you are good.


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