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Let’s Do Some Good!

By October 21, 2018 May 28th, 2019 Captain's Log
This post on Facebook is by Cathi Perez, one of the top Dog Rescue people in Southern California. And she just helped Animal Foundation of America rescue a mama dog and her four puppies. I just donated $ 20 to support this family of dogs that was rescued by Animal Foundation of America. Who wants to donate a dollar? Just ONE dollar to help a family of puppies and their Mom. PayPal ONE dollar to Afarescue@gmail.com.  Of course you can send more than $ 1 if you want!

Post here that you have done that, I will choose one donor at random to receive a special gift from Axanar. After we choose the winner, we will determine the prize, which will be worth AT LEAST $ 50. But if you donate more than $1 you will get a more epic prize.

Sometimes, it is not all about Star Trek and fan films.  Sometimes we just need to do good deeds!


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